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King’s Lynn restauranteur launches campaign to stop food waste

Francis Bone owner of The Gravy Boat in Loke Road King's Lynn unused food campaign ANL-160331-133002009
Francis Bone owner of The Gravy Boat in Loke Road King's Lynn unused food campaign ANL-160331-133002009

A campaign is being launched to encourage restaurants in Lynn to donate leftover food to the Purfleet Trust rather than binning it.

Francis Bone has come up with the idea after donating food which would have been otherwise bound for landfill.

Mr Bone, who runs the Gravy Boat in Loke Road with partner Darren Whiley, had over-catered for Jo Rust’s birthday party and was able to donate bags of couscous along with salad and other produce.

Now he is calling on others to follow suit and donate appropriate food, kept at the right temperatures, to the charity.

Mr Bone said: “It is disgusting the amount of food which is wasted. I believe that there is a better use for this food rather than it being chucked out for landfill.

“I am a strong believer in giving something away rather than throwing it away.

“On one occasion I had to give a joint of beef to a neighbour’s dog as there was no other option.

“I am not suggesting passing on stuff which had been out on a table for two hours but food which has been stored at the right temperatures.”

Purfleet Trust chief executive Paul Hall has thanked Mr Bone for this campaign as the charity has been trying to get this off the ground for sometime.

The charity is trying to promote healthy eating among its clients and is hoping other restaurants in the town will help by suppling fresh produce.

Mrs Hall said: “We are really grateful to Francis for spearheading this.

“We are looking for any foods, not just the non-perishables which are always helpful. But we are trying to encourage healthy eating and wellbeing so fresh fruit and vegetables are ideal as we can use these immediately along with meat and fish.

“Usually when restaurants are throwing food out it has a short life span so we can make use of that to feed homeless people.”

The charity will soon be working with Sainsbury’s and Marks and Spencer to make meals out of food which would otherwise be thrown away.

Purfleet is also starting up the Pantry Challenge in the summer, which will also encourage with budgeting.

Under the challenge clients pay £2.50 for 10 items, worth £15, and will be given ideas on how to make creative and healthy food.

Mr Bone has already signed up to help this challenge by providing demonstrations and ideas but the call has gone out to restaurants in the town for support.

Mrs Hall said: “We are really grateful to Francis. He is really inspired and committed and our staff were really impressed with him.

“This is wonderful as it shows the people we work with that they are valued and helps to raise their self-esteem.”

The charity has also been running a breakfast club during the winter, with help from Norfolk Community Wellbeing Trust.

Staff were expecting to see around 15 people a day but have been catering for 25.

n If you would like to get involved or support any of the projects contact Mrs Hall or health and wellbeing manager Jane Heeney on 01553 767829.

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