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Wimblington reader: Words many of us feel over NHS

Well done Lily Burke (Letters, December 11) for saying what a great many of us feel.

Politicians claim we are old and chronically sick. Young people interviewed on TV suggest we do not understand politics, make wrong decisions when voting and should not be allowed to vote past the age of 70.

Lily rightly said we paid into the NHS for many years and have seen the promise of free treatment slowly eroded. If treatment rationing goes ahead we’ll receive even less.

Letters (24692414)
Letters (24692414)

In other countries if you do not speak the language you pay for an interpreter. Here we spend fortunes printing leaflets in every language we can think of.

In Germany under a reciprocal agreement you could claim unemployment benefit, however it took three days to complete the paperwork because an interpreter was required and then you had to agree to attend night classes to learn the language in order to qualify for the benefit you had been receiving in the UK.

Wimblington reader,

full details supplied.

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