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Limit councillors to one term?

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

Re: Shame on you non-voters, (Letters, October 28).

The last person I heard say that anyone who wants to be a politician should be barred from becoming one was Billy Connolly.

Of course as a statement it’s a piece of satire but I think consciously or unconsciously most people believe this – hence their apathy over voting in local elections.

In local elections people see the same unimaginative dullards standing again and again – the names may change but the quality doesn’t.

People see candidates from whatever party, or no party, as peas from the same pod.

I’m afraid that because of the liberal expenses available to councillors, and the plum remunerated jobs on offer for most of them, a councillor can earn the average wage by being a councillor.

This puts certain thoughts in my mind – perhaps in yours, too.

I think most people are fatalistic about who runs a council. The councillors don’t do it for love, but money.

The council officials are queuing up for Buggins’ turn at the top jobs. Why does a council need a Chief Executive – job sharing, or not – on a salary package bigger than the Prime Minister’s, and executives on as much or more than MP’s?

We all know that these people would not command such salaries in the private sector, so there they remain shuffling paper as time-serving jobsworths until a chance comes along for a salary extravagantly taken from council tax payers.

So Councillors and Council officials have a vested interest in keeping things the same.

Steven Smith’s wish for a better turn-out sounds rather like ‘Never mind the quality feel the width’.

Question! If three times as many people vote in the council elections will the quality of the candidates increase three-fold?

Perhaps Councillors should not be allowed to serve more than one term so that the pool of “talent” widens.

David Silver,

via email.

poppy appeal

Support has been great

As we commence our Poppy Appeal in Long Sutton, it is with some regret that I have had to stand down as appeal organiser. My thanks must go to all involved in the appeal for their help over the last eight years – it has been a pleasure to be part of. Our support had grown year after year through events, anniversaries, schools and even young children bringing donations back to the Royal British Legion for our armed forces.

In the eight years that I was organiser, we handed over approximately £56,000 from our local area. In the last year alone, our biggest ever, we handed over £8,240.

Thanks to the Civic Society, schools, young children’s groups, shops, house-to-house collectors, the Co-operative Society, the Royal British Legion and all of the community.

Special thanks to David Newton and his team at the RBL for carrying on as Poppy Appeal organisers.

I wish them the same support that I have enjoyed. God bless.

Tony Button,

Long Sutton.

village plan

This is too much for Elm

Further to my letter of October 28 “ I urge you to attend event”. The event was well attended; partly boosted I think with one resident of Henry Warby Avenue leafleting all residents the day before.

Peter Humphrey Associates were represented by someone who thought an extra 30 houses was not an issue.

The local school is at capacity; I know of a family who have been advised there are no places for their two children, but have been offered places at a Wisbech primary school.

As well as Henry Warby Avenue, planning permission is being re-applied for land west of Cedar Way (11 houses) and 50 houses off Gosmoor Lane, land which backs on to Elm Primary School. At the Public Consultation event on November 5, there was no support for the development and residents were invited to complete a form with their views, placed in an unsealed box for the representative of Peter Humphrey Associates to take away.

I urge Joe Richards of Chard, Somerset, who owns the strip of land between 38, 40 and 42 Henry Warby Avenue to reconsider selling and Maxey Grounds & Co to have no involvement with an unpopular proposed scheme.

I have written to Steve Barclay MP for his views, and I hope Elm Parish Council and Fenland District Council reject planning permission in ”a low growth village” or it may be “we will fight them on the beaches”.

Jamie Robb,

via email.

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