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Map shows roundabout

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

Whilst the efforts of Steve Barclay and Liz Truss are to be welcomed, it is ironic that they are dealing with the mess inherited from Tory spending cuts in the 1980s in Mrs Thatcher’s second term as Prime Minister and Conservatives held the majority of seats on Norfolk County Council.

The 1985 Ordnance Survey map, Wisbech (South) Sheet TF 40 / 50, shows a roundabout at the A47 / Broadend Road junctions. It is inconceivable that the O S invented this feature: it must have been on the original plans.

(Cllr) Graham Stokes,


Turn left

I fully agree with Mrs Wall when she says that the signs which the Highways Agency propose for the “Broadend” junction with the A47 will be a waste of time.

I also agree with the Highways Agency’s view that a roundabout would not be the answer.

Anybody who drives down the A47 knows the best solution. It is to force traffic coming out of the junction to turn LEFT; this, combined with stop lines, would prevent traffic from crossing the A47.

I have tried to phone the Highways Agency. I got an unhelpful recorded message.

Lloyd Forster,



End sanctions

I recently visited Wisbech food bank to donate 10 tins of food.

The food bank is based at the Baptist church in Hill Street and is one of 400 run by the Trussell Trust, staffed by well-meaning, do-gooding, church-going types.

One of the staff told me that some of the people visiting the food bank have had their benefits ‘sanctioned’ (stopped) by the Jobcentre, which then gives them a voucher to take to the food bank.

All this comes in the wake of a report by a cross-party group of MPs, supported by the Archbishop of Canterbury, which suggests that benefit sanctions are one of the main reasons why 900,000 people over the last year had to visit food banks.

Benefit sanctions on jobseekers were first introduced by the Department for Work and Pensions during the last New Labour government by arch-Blairite ministers Alan Johnson and James Purnell.

Since May 2010, the Tories have taken these benefit sanctions to another level, with more than a million job seekers having their benefits sanctioned for four weeks or more.

The Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory uses the slogans ‘End all benefit sanctions now’ and ‘Make food banks history’, as part of our day-to-day campaigning work.

John Smithee,

Member, Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory.



I feel all citizens of Fenland should know what a Bench Mark means.

You know, that mark on the Ordnance Survey map which may record 9.4ft on the road near your home.

You may think it means your home is 9.4ft above sea level and you are reasonably safe from flooding. This is not the case.

What it means is that you are 9.4ft above the average sea level and – if the tide is 24ft, as it can be at King’s Lynn – zero on the 9.4 scale is not dry land; there is still another 3ft down there before you reach dry land.

If there were no sea defences, or if the sea defences are breached, it would be possible to be submerged by 14ft of water at every high tide.

This is a very sobering thought and one those planning to build 500 homes on Burretgate Road, Walsoken, should think long and hard about.

G Doubleday,



Centre stays

Thanks to a ‘U-turn’ by the cash-strapped Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust, the “drop-in triage” centre at Tenison Road, Cambridge, will stay open!

Hopefully several new centres will open across the county for mental health patients. To justify the lack of such centres by returning patients to their GPs without “on-going care plans” the Cambridge and Peterborough Foundation Trust has wiped out any statistics to support the need for investment in “triage centres”.

Hopefully this change of heart and concern for the welfare of patients across Cambridgeshire will put our trust back in our NHS.

Mark Burton,


(Mind, Bipolar UK, Roundtree Foundation)

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