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March council hits back over ‘incorrect’ county statement

March Town Hall
March Town Hall

March Town Council says it has not made any agreements with Cambridgeshire County Council over taking payments for street lighting.

Street lighting across the county has been switched off at certain times in a cost cutting move.

A statement issed by the town council earlier today says; “Contrary to previous information provided by Cambridgeshire County Council to various March residents, March Town Council has made NO agreement with Cambridgeshire County Council to allow such residents to have individual street lights turned back on at their own expense.

“Certain residents were informed that, should they so wish, they may apply to March Town Council to have particular light(s) turned back on. To implement this agreement, it would be necessary for March Town Council to collect all amounts due from such residents on an annual basis and pay those amounts over to Cambridgeshire County Council.

“The above information was completely incorrect, and should not have been conveyed to any member of the public by Cambridgeshire County Council employees.

“It should be stressed that March Town Council is not, and never has been, a revenue collector for Cambridgeshire County Council.

“March Town Council was more than happy to allow any agreements to be entered into provided those agreements were made directly between Cambridgeshire County Council and interested residents. However, we are now reliably informed that Cambridgeshire County Council is not prepared to enter into any such individual arrangements.

“Similarly, March Town Council cannot, and will not, be bound by any agreements arbitrarily made by Cambridgeshire County Council without due consultation.

“The decision to change illumination times was made by Cambridgeshire County Council alone who, in general, is the authority responsible for street lighting within the town.”

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