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March hairdresser issues warning after her drink was spiked on a night out

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A March woman is warning others to be on their guard this Christmas and New Year after her drink was spiked on a night out.

The 18-year-old hairdresser, who didn't want to be named, described the events of Saturday night as "scary" and said she could not remember huge chunks of her evening out on the town in March with friends.

She said: "We started in Wetherspoons where we had a few drinks before heading to the Griffin Hotel, I was with a group of friends and one of the girls offered to buy us a round.

General View of the Ye Olde Griffin Hotel March. (53855758)
General View of the Ye Olde Griffin Hotel March. (53855758)

"She went to the bar where she met a man she knew who offered to help her bring the drinks back to the table. As it happened it was mine that he carried.

"Some how it appears my drink had been spiked. By the time we left the Griffin I was feeling really drunk, certainly more drunk than I should be for the amount I had had to drink. We then headed to Cassanos and by that time I was feeling sick.

"I went off to the toilet. The next thing I know I was being picked up off the floor by the bouncer who was telling me I had to leave because I was too drunk. He was having to practically carry me, I was so out of it.

"Luckily my friends had become concerned and had started looking for me and one of them spotted me with the bouncer and said they would take care of me. My friends called my mum who came to pick me up.

"The frightening thing is there is at least half-an-hour where I was totally blanked out and I have no idea where I was or what happened to me in that time. The rest of the night is a blur and I only really know what happened because my friends filled me in.

"I was lucky, I was there with friends who took the trouble to come looking for me, if not I would probably have been thrown out of the club and in no fit state to look after myself. My friends realised I'd had my drink spiked and called my mum to come and look after me.

"It happened to one of my friends on a night out in St Ives a couple of months ago and she was missing for two hours before we could find her, so we know what the signs are.

"The really scary thing is there was just a very small window of opportunity when my drink could have had something put in it. I never leave my drink unattended, and I certainly will be even more careful now.

"I just want to warn others to watch out for each other. You don't expect this sort of thing to happen on a night out in a small town like March, but it happened to me. I was lucky, as far as I know nothing untoward happened to me, but it could have if my friends weren't looking out for me.

"I'm not sure why someone would spike my drink, whether they thought it was a joke, or whether it was for more sinister reasons I don't know. If it was for a joke, then it was not funny. The person who did it could have no idea how my body would react to the drugs, I could have been seriously ill or worse especially as having Googled it looks as if it was either Ecstasy of MDMA - either or those are dangerous if you take too much.

"I don't take drugs, and I hadn't taken drugs myself that night, but someone thought it was OK to put some in my drink. It is not OK and I hope whoever did it realises that before someone gets hurt."

Cambridgeshire Police are currently running an operation geared to targetting the predators who carry out drink spiking.

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