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March Neale-Wade Academy partners with YMCA to offer Thrive mental well-being app to all students and staff

Neale-Wade Academy in March has signed up to offer mental wellbeing app to all students and staff.

YMCA Trinity Group and Thrive’s app is a 24/7, clinically-proven, mobile app designed to support student and staff wellbeing.

The Neale Wade has joined a growing list of schools using the Thrive app which is NHS approved with the capability to empower people to take control of their wellbeing.

Neale-Wade Academy to offer YMCA mentalwell-being app to all students and staff. (29022044)
Neale-Wade Academy to offer YMCA mentalwell-being app to all students and staff. (29022044)

The Thrive app is now available for all 1,392 students and 192 members of staff at the Academy, giving them access to 24/7 support so they can also help make a difference outside of school; something schools traditionally find difficult to provide.

With one in eight children having a diagnosable mental health condition, the Thrive App aims to promote resilience, detect conditions before they become too severe, improve recovery rates and signpost for further support.

The announcement builds on the existing relationship between YMCA and the Neale-Wade, since the charity has provided mental health training for the school over the past year.

Neale -Wade already provides ‘peer mentoring’ and ‘student voice’ sessions where older students are encouraged to share their experiences to younger students.

The commissioning of Thrive contributes to Neale-Wade Academy’s ongoing, whole-school approach to wellbeing for students and staff.

An example of this was in December when the academy achieved the Gold Award for Young Carer support after demonstrating that it actively works with Young Carers and their families to reduce the caring roles of these young people.

Hilary Hitch, the school's senior lead for safeguarding and mental health, said: “Mental health issues in young people are reaching a breaking point and there is not enough support out there for vulnerable people. We are thrilled to have successfully launched the Thrive app to help combat this, offering all our students and staff a valuable resource that enables them to live happier, stress free lives.

“We hope to see use of the Thrive app grow over the coming months, helping to reduce daily stresses, increasing attendance, and giving tailored support to any individual should they need it.”

The Thrive app uses a number of clinically proven techniques to assess users’ overall wellbeing and provides support tools and strategies in an engaging, entertaining format. The app already has over two million users globally and the partnership between YMCA and Thrive is enabling schools to join this community from just £2 per user per year – a fraction of the open market cost.

It consists of a number of games and activities to assess users’ wellbeing and provides strategies and exercises to build their resilience. The app also detects if a user is suffering with mental health issues such as anxiety or depression and signposts them to the relevant channels.

Offered across Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and Suffolk, the Thrive app is a key part of YMCA Trinity Group’s range of mental health intervention services offered to schools.

Ryan Armes, mental health and education manager at YMCA Trinity Group added: “We know that there is a huge need in our region for mental health and wellbeing services. Interest in the Thrive app has been great so far, and we are delighted that Neale-Wade Academy is taking the step to empower all of its students and staff to take control of their personal wellbeing as part of a whole school approach.”

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