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More traffic misery to come

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

If anyone is fed up with the standstill traffic at peak times in and around Wisbech – well, hold on to your hats, there’s more to come!

We have already seen the new build developments go up in and around the area, along Cromwell Road, around Weasenham lane and Ramnoth Road, to name just a few, and the consequence that has had on the roads.

There seems that there may well be a further 100-plus dwellings on the site of the old Agricultural College in Elm High Road and, in addition to this, a further 117 dwellings behind B&Q.

The initial submission for the (Norfolk) site behind B&Q – 500 dwellings – was turned down in 2009, so it does not take a rocket scientist to work out what will happen in the following year, after the first 117!

All these plans seem to be pushed through quietly with little consultation – if you can call a letter taped to the odd lamppost and a few selected households actually getting notice a consultation.

There seems to be little reference to how the traffic increase will be addressed and managed, let alone any increase in resources such as GP surgeries, schools or the impact on services such as the amenity dump.

Of course, there will be money from Norfolk Council for the B&Q site to help this but, in the coming years when councils have to make year-on-year cost improvement savings, I am sure the funds to Wisbech will be high on the Norfolk list of areas to make savings.

Jill Hudson,


national health service

Something to be proud of

Two weeks ago I suffered a heart attack and was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, at King’s Lynn, and Papworth Hospital.

This was the first time in my 72 years that I have ever been in hospital. The service and dedication given to me from the ambulance crew and all levels of staff at both hospitals was fantastic.

There was not a time that I did not receive the care and committment from them. Members of staff work so hard during their shift, yet never forget the importance of the patient.

We should be proud of our National Health Service – in my opinion the best in the world.

Please accept my sincere thanks for looking after me during my stay – staff need medals for the work they do.

Peter Dennis,


working tax credits

Distorted view?

In reply to Jacqueline Wright (Readers’ Views, October 28) regarding working tax credits, I can say that George Osborne insists it is right to cut tax credits for millions of families because the state cannot afford to subsidise the low wages paid by employers. But, might the chancellor’s view be distorted by his experience of his family furnishings firm, Osborne & Little Group, of which he owns 15 percent?

Osborne & Little reported a pre-tax profit of £722,000 on turnover of £34m and incurred a corporation tax charge of £179,000. But the accounts for the year to March 2015 show it ended up paying precisely zero “United Kingdom corporation tax” and the company was able to claim for “timing differences” from previous years that offset the £179,000.

In fact, Osborne & Little has not had to pay any UK corporation tax for the last seven years.

Mark Burton,


thief under fire

Vet a victim

Last week a low-life stole my dad’s small plant pot of seasonal plants.

My dad is a war veteran of 90 years, serving when he was 17-years-old in the Merchant Navy – not stealing items.

We could not understand why such a person would take this, but it means a lot to my dad.

I do hope the person has as much enjoyment out of this pot of plants as my dad would have. Bravo thief!

S Matthews,


grass cutting response

I am a villager

Just to put the record straight (Brian Beacon, Readers’ Views, October 28) I moved to Guyhirn in 1983.

David H Eldridge,


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