Mother finds Wisbech teenager bloodied and bruised after he returns home from night out

Jack Green pictured inbed where he was found covered in blood by his mum Tammy Green.

A Wisbech teenager was so badly beaten as he walked home from a party on Friday night (3) he only has vague memories of what happened says his horrified mum.

Jack Green was attacked as he walked home from a house party in Elm Road to his home in Sefton Avenue sometime between 1.44am and 4.15am. His assailants beat him black and blue, urinated on him and stole his mobile phone and trainers.

Jack Green pictured in hospital where he was given a brain scan after the attack.

But Jack, 16, a plumbing student at the College of West Anglia in King’s Lynn, only discovered he was hurt when his shocked mum, Tammy Green, went to check on him in the early hours of Saturday morning and found him in bed covered in blood.

“I woke at 1.44am and Jack wasn’t home - he has to be in by midnight so I texted him and tried to ring to find out where he was but got no answer. We were waiting for a call for his dad to go and pick him up, but dozed off.

“I woke again at 4.15am and saw his bedroom door was shut, so I knew he was home. I thought I’d just check on him, as I always do with all three of my boys, and noticed he had something on his face.

“At first I thought he’d been sick but when I turned the light on I saw it was blood. I thought he was dead, I just screamed, and screamed. We tried waking him, but we had a job to bring him round. We called the ambulance and they arrived pretty quickly.

Jack Green's nose is so badly swollen doctors are having to wait for the swelling to go donw before they can reset it.

“The paramedics took one look at him and said he needed to go to hospital, his face was so badly beaten. At the hospital he had to have a brain scan.

“The doctors wanted to reset his nose, which was severely broken, but it was so swollen they said they will have to wait for the swelling to go down before they can do that,” said Tammy.

She added: “Jack doesn’t remember what happened. He can’t even remember walking home, which he did in just his socks as his Nike Air Max trainers had been stolen from him and his iPhone 7 was also missing.

“His dad, Ricky, has been driving him around the route he would have walked home trying to jog his memory, but it is still pretty unclear exactly what happened to him. The police have taken his clothes away, hopefully they will provide DNA to help catch his attackers.

“Jack is not someone who goes out all the time, he was at a party at a friend’s house - so you think he is going to be safe and then this happens. He had drunk a few Budwiesers, but not a lot and tests at the hospital showed there were no drugs in his system, which was a relief.”

A police spokesman said they are investigating the attack and are appealing for witnesses who should call 101 and quote crime number 0636921117.

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