Mystery remains over Emneth couple’s A47 death

Nonita Karajevaite and Tadas Zaleskas
Nonita Karajevaite and Tadas Zaleskas
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Mystery still shrouds the deaths of an Emneth couple who asked for the police to be called shortly before they were killed on the A47.

Assistant coroner David Osborne resumed the inquests into the deaths of Nonita Karajevaite, 24, and Tadas Zaleskas, 26, from Church Road, on the A47 at Walpole Highway on July 20, after being involved in a collision with a Kia.

Mr Osborne gave a verdict of death as a result of a road traffic collision on both counts.

But the hearing did not explain why the couple were walking barefoot before running into Worzals asking for the police to be called.

Speaking after the inquest, investigating officer Det Supt Paul Durham said: “I am resigned to the fact that we will probably never know why it was they ended up on the A47 in those circumstances . All I can say is that the investigation was thorough.”

The inquest had been adjourned on December 14 for further witnesses to appear but heard that Miss Karajevaite died of multiple injuries while her fiancée suffered a severe head injury. Traces of drugs were found.

Car driver Vernon Lee told yesterday’s hearing that he was travelling towards Lynn and had edged away to give the couple clearance after spotting them on the verge.

He said: “For no apparent reason the lad turned and shoulder pushed her into my path. There was no logic to it and the collision occurred.”

Mr Lee added that Mr Zaleskas may have trying to cross the road. No mechanical faults were found with the car.

Lesley Hopwood, who was travelling behind Mr Lee, said the couple were “banging about into each other” while Trudy McDermot, on the opposite carriageway, said she saw Mr Zaleskas put his hands on his fiancé’s shoulders.

PC Jamie Hutchin, who looked into the collision, said there was nothing to suggest that Mr Lee’s driving was “anything other than sensible and suitable”. But he could not state precisely say where the impact happened.

Det Supt Durham told the hearing that his team examined various hypothesis to explain the incident, from a suicide pact to homicide but no evidence was found to support these.He said that horse play may have been involved but was satisfied that an action of Mr Zaleskas resulted in his fiancée being in the path of the Kia.

In his summing up coroner Mr Osborne said there was “conflicting evidence in relation to the precise mechanics of the collision”. But Mr Osborne added that he did not need to resolve that evidence or make findings on whether Mr Zaleskas actions were as described by witnesses. He said: “I am satisfied that the evidence is clear from the post-mortem findings and collision investigation that both were in contact with Mr Lee’s car.”