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Never ending chain of rubbish

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

I have been making the most of the fine weather this Bank Holiday and have been out on my bike noticing things that you don’t normally register whilst driving.

I cycled from Elm to Coldham and back. Out of Friday Bridge , every five metres or so, is a whole litany of rubbish that has been discarded from cars by the looks of it.

Fast food wrappers and boxes, drink cans, coffee cups, plastic bags, children’s toys, many tyres – a never-ending chain of human detritus.

Having lived and taught in Sweden for many years the youngsters there are proud of their green credentials and country; it would be an anathema for them to hurl waste from cars or fly tip.

It just seems endemic here, sadly.

Veronica Trubshaw,



Light users ‘punished’

I was absolutely astounded when I received a letter from Anglian Water this week.

Customers who use the solow tariff are informed that it is being phased out over three years and will dramatically increase bills for water efficient users.

The solow tariff was available to all domestic metered customers and was designed to benefit customers who made an effort to conserve water and use less than 75 cubic metres a year.

Customers paid a 25 per cent higher volumetric charge for water, but no standing charge.

As water is a precious resource, I diligently adhered to all Anglian Water’s advice, the ‘Love Every Drop’ campaign, installing water saving devices and the solow tariff to lower my water consumption.

Now apparently customers on the solow tariff are not using enough water so Anglian Water wants to implement a standing charge.

These charges will add an extra 42 per cent to my bill this year but, over the three years, it will amount to a 120 per cent increase.

Corporate profits dictate efficient households on solow are deemed to be conserving too much water if they are using less than 50 cubic metres a year.

There will be no savings to our bills only increases unless you use 50 cubic metres or more – and anyone who uses 69 – 75 cubic metres will be actually paying a higher charge than the normal metered rate.

It seems ironic that light users are being discriminated against and punished with excessive charges for saving water.

This makes a total mockery out of the save water campaigns and is a flagrant insult to water efficient customers.

I shall be voting for the Green Party at the next election.

Sue Nicholson,



Give us our own pub

On the subject of not being able to smoke in public houses, I have an idea which will help smokers like myself and a lot of others.

There are many empty buildings in Wisbech. Perhaps the owner of one of these premises could turn them into a public house where you can smoke inside and have a drink at the same time, while sitting at a table.

This would attract a lot of people and anyone who does not smoke has several smoke-free places to choose from.

Standing outside of a pub in mid-winter while you are smoking is not very comfortable or enjoyable.

Some people like myself like to enjoy a cigarette with their drink and be able to sit down at a table.

Paul Thompson,



Are they really rats?

I think that the ‘big cats’ described in last week’s issue are really Asian rats that have come ashore from ships over the years.

I remember only too well as a soldier in the Far East lying on my charpoy and seeing them running around in the rafters of the hut and at ground level, too.

They are bigger than cats, black, with long round tails.

I relied on my mosquito net to keep them out – as well as the ‘mozzies’.

T. R. Jenkins,


Seeing things?

It’s not the first time you have run stories about so-called ‘big cats’ being spotted in the Fenland area. Surely there must be something in it – not all of your readers can be seeing things, can they?

March reader,

via email.

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