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New line to take with speeders

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

I read with interest your story in the Fenland Citizen (February 3) about the villagers who are trying to stamp out speeding motorists in Elm, Friday Bridge, etc.

On this morning’s national news on TV it was announced that in parts of London and Norfolk a new experiment is being tested.

By all accounts removing the central markings on the road reduces the average speed by 13 per cent.

It would apear that, by having no middle lines in the roads, when approaching on-coming traffic you tend to drive slower to make sure you are far enough over to the left-hand side.

May I suggest we do it all over the Fens? It would be interesting to see if it works.

Mike Thurlby,


Community action bid

I’m in the process of looking for at least six volunteers from the community to set up a Community Speedwatch in Chatteris – in fact if there’s more than six that will be even better.

Speedwatch is a scheme to allow volunteers to address speed concerns in their communities. This is achieved by:

1.Undertaking high visibility roadside operations to educate drivers by displaying their speed on a digital display with a view to improving driver behaviour.

2. Reporting to the Police the details of speeding vehicles in specific areas where speed is of concern. These speed monitoring reports enable the police to send advisory letters to the registered owners with the aim of informing them the speed their vehicle was travelling was in excess of the speed limit.

3. Delivering locally-based feedback and problem-solving schemes where speeding is of a specific concern to the community, operated by volunteers and supported by the police.

4. Speedwatch is not enforcement, it is about raising awareness of speeding within communities and educating drivers.

Several people have spoken to me showing concern about speeding drivers in Chatteris – mainly in London Road, New Road, Wenny Road and Doddington Road.

After talking to the always helpful District Highways Manager, I’ve arranged with the Police to come and train the volunteers on how to use the equipment provided. They supply hi-vis jackets, etc – some communities have even obtained their own stuff.

If anybody is interested in spending an hour or two doing this very useful job please contact me on 01354 694255. There is an answerphone so I’ll call back if needed.

Then I’ll get in touch with the Police to arrange a venue for the training. Apparently there were over 150,000 reports of speeding last year, countywide.

Dick Mandley,


road accident

Footpath is needed

The accident that happened on Sunday, January 31, was on the outskirts of Wisbech, just after the first turning for Emneth. So why did your report show the by-pass stretch – how will that jog anyone’s memory?

The council have been contacted regarding the making of a footpath along the by-pass but there is no money available. There are more and more people using this road on foot – how many lives will it take for a change of mind?

What is that song? The answer my friend is blowing in the wind!

E T Peachey,

Outwell Road.

walsoken letter

Critic rapped

So David Patrick writes in, slating the Conservative councillors in Walsoken (Letters, February 3). I would ask what he did over the years, as he was District and Town Councillor he represented the electorate in that ward.

In fact what did his time as Councillor bring exactly? I’ll tell you what! He lost in the May election and was co-opted to Elm Parish Council. On the 20th October 2015 (as the Citizen printed later) he was found guilty of breaching paragraph 3.1 of the Code of Conduct - You must treat others with respect; and breaching Paragraph 3.2(a) of the Code of Conduct - You must not do anything which might cause the Authority to breach UK equalities legislation.

David Patrick later resigned as a Councillor.

David Gutteridge,


n Editor’s note: Correspondence on this issue is now closed.

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