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No to Wisbech pedestrianisation!Town centre ‘failure’Stonea bridge Life-saver?

Reference Wisbech Town Council’s proposal to pedestrianise Wisbech Market Place (Citizen, October 30).

Pedestrianisation, no! Traffic warden, yes! Toilets, yes!

Who is running Wisbech? It appears we are being dictated to by interlopers from afar. Locals may not be interested or easy meat to be brainwashed.

General View of Wisbech Market Place. (18419563)
General View of Wisbech Market Place. (18419563)

Who were the supporters in a so-called previous survey? I wasn’t asked! Who knew there was a survey? Top secret to avoid opposition? How few responded?

Was it made up of buddies of the aforementioned town councillors with their agendas? Without full advertising and adequate notice given to the closing date the survey was flawed.

Will the results of this new public consultation be published or shredded? The only advertising I have seen was Friday, October 25, and Wednesday, October 30, in local newspapers for a closing date of November 8. Very little time for a response.

Low profile announcement, low feedback – just what is hoped for by the council. From a potential 30,000 residents, how many are aware of WTC intentions, or given the chance of making their views known?

Wisbech shoppers have already made their vote by parking in the town centre.

Perhaps many of the councillors were not old enough or living in the area when pedestrianisation was tried before. It was a disaster and then and only then did local businesses start squealing about the effects.

Now, national companies just pull out of towns when their trade deteriorates. Wisbech is not a Cambridge, Stevenage or Milton Keynes, it is a small market town with local people shoppers. Vibrant East Dereham and Swaffham have not closed their town centres to traffic.

We don’t have busloads arriving from other towns to shop. Busloads can be seen leaving Wisbech to shop in Peterborough and King’s Lynn and pedestrianising the town centre will not reverse that. Motorists will be the next to go if WTC pursue this new folly.

“Hoping a new enhancement scheme will add vitality and vibrancy to the town” – WTC statement. Hope is not good enough when people’s livelihoods are at risk.

Building town centre toilets would enhance the town and bring a 20th Century facility a century late. But better late than never.

Wisbech Town Council has failed miserably to control parking and is now using a sledgehammer rather than a nut cracker Traffic Warden.

Why does WTC consider Wisbech to be any different from Spalding, King’s Lynn or Boston? Like them, limited daytime pay parking in the town centre with a Traffic Warden would solve the current problem.

As for toys in the Market Place – just look at the vandalised reading centre.

Andy Norman,

Wisbech St Mary.

Those who wish to remember the last time Wisbech had pedestrianisation forced upon it by Fenland District Council, should know the loss of trade and closures of local shops.

WTC has only played at managing the town centre since it took over. And failed.

The Council needs to get control by returning to Thursday and Saturday markets only, with a Sunday car boot if you like.

Have limited pay parking in the town centre on non-market days and employ a Parking Controller for all areas of the town, including the restricted Crescent, where business people park all day, and especially North Brink.

All car owners can afford a pound to park short term.

We should not be dictated to by the council as to not having street pay parking.

Remove the ghastly chicane and posts in High Street and authorise parking on one side to complement the “New Initiative” shops.

Build some town centre toilets.

These improvements alone would secure the vitality and vibrancy that we already have – without pedestrianisation.

Cecil Mountjoy,


Following yet another vehicle hitting the bridge at Stonea on the B1098, may I suggest that brightly coloured cross-bars hanging by chains at the subway approaches would indicate the maximum safe height for passing beneath the bridge.

It is many years since the last cross-bars were removed but traffic along the B1098 is much greater today. There are many more ‘white vans’, probably carrying two or three small parcels, charging around the country with drivers on piecework unfamiliar with this locality. Cross-bars could save a life.

I recall the surprise on the face of an American from New York when informed that we had a ‘subway’ in Stonea!

D S Morris,


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