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Wisbech reader says incinerator would be near school

As a member of Fenland Green Party, I oppose the plans to build a mega waste incinerator on a site close to Thomas Clarkson Academy, off Algores Way.

Incinerators have been shown to pollute over a 15-mile area. Baby deaths are linked to pollution emitted by them and studies have shown higher rates of adult and childhood cancer and birth defects.

They have safety measures in place to avoid accidents, but these ignore the effect of airborne chemicals, which can cause illnesses over a long period of time.

We are backing protestors against the incinerator (29797534)
We are backing protestors against the incinerator (29797534)

Additionally, incinerators reduce waste to ash, which is toxic and easily windborne.

They emit:

n Fine particulates, which can increase death rates from all causes, including heart disease and lung cancer

n Toxic metals, which accumulate in the body and are implicated in a range of problems in children, including autism and attention deficit disorder

n Cancer-causing chemicals

The main aim should be to re-use and recycle. In Fenland only 23% of waste is currently recycled. Investment is needed into environmentally friendly systems that can deal with remaining waste without incineration.

Councils have the legal right to take waste disposal back in-house; we must campaign for this.

The Green Party stands for:

  • Health before profit. Bring waste disposal into public democratic control;
  • No new incinerators. Phase out existing incinerators;
  • A waste plan based on re-use, recycling, and investment into alternative systems;
  • A plan to meet people’s needs and safeguard the environment, including ending the problems of excessive packaging, built-in obsolescence and un-recycled waste.

In Wisbech we are being ‘consulted’. We are allegedly being consulted about something which could threaten the health and even the lives of babies, children and adults in our boroughs.

We must stop the mega incinerator by any means necessary, including civil disobedience.

John Smithee,

Green Party member.

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