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Fenland woman hopes chair will help solve incontinence issues for area's women and men

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As most women of a certain age can testify oops moments are real - that annoying little dribble of wee when you laugh or sneeze gradually creeps up on us all.

For some it happens not long after childbirth, for others it’s as the menopause hits and our bodies slowly lose the muscle tone we once had.

Adverts on television for products like Tena are now a regular sight, showing that women and their bladder weakness has become big business.

Incontinence is a real problem for both men and women, now Suzanne from Fenland believes she has found a solution. (53243858)
Incontinence is a real problem for both men and women, now Suzanne from Fenland believes she has found a solution. (53243858)

And it’s not just us females who are left with the problem, men also develop issues because of a weakened pelvic floor including needing to pee more often as well as erectile dysfunction.

But what can we do about it?

Issues with mesh used in surgery to solve the problem have been well publicised and have led to parliamentary debates about the horrific side effects some have suffered from it.

Posh clinics offer so-called ‘mummy make-overs’ costing thousands of pounds, there are pants that you can wear that promise to help strengthen the pelvic floor, botox injections into the urethra and much more.

This chair has been imported from America by a Fenland women who hopes it will solve incontinence issues for both men and women.
This chair has been imported from America by a Fenland women who hopes it will solve incontinence issues for both men and women.

And one woman has tried many of the-so-called solutions and that is Suzanne, who is based here in Fenland and is now hoping she has finally found a non-invasive solution to the problem.

Suzanne, who has been involved in aesthetic treatments for over 30 years, said: “I have had bladder weakness almost since my second child was born after a traumatic birth over 30 years ago, and it has got progressively worse. I was unlucky enough to have both stress and urge incontinence.

“It got so bad I was having to wear layers of pads when I went out because I was so afraid of leaks.

The chair works to tighten the pelvic floor with each session administering 11,000 kegels.
The chair works to tighten the pelvic floor with each session administering 11,000 kegels.

“You name it I tried it to no avail. Under the supervision of my GP I was referred for Botox injections in the urethra and that was invasive and painful with no result.

“And like most women I was utterly frustrated because nothing seemed to work and the problem was just getting worse.

“Incontinence was taking over my life.Then a few years ago I began a world wide research into just what was available. I found a chair in the USA that was scientifically backed with Food and Drug Administration approval.

“I found that there were many urology clinics using this chair with 98 per cent success rate treating and curing this awful illness. I spoke to many doctors and nurses in the USA that were offering the treatments and liked what I was told.

“The success rate, the fact that most users noticed a difference after just one treatment - everything was so positive - so I thought I would take the plunge and order a chair.

“Costing £10,000s it’s a major investment. But I have been absolutely blown away by how brilliant it is.

“The chair works on similar technology to an MRI scanner and delivers 11,000 kegels contractions to the pelvic floor using HIFEM ( high intensity focused electromagnetic pulses).

“The treatment also triggers the body’s natural process creating new muscle fibre and proteins, which further strengthens and tones the pelvic floor and bladder as it improves the neuromuscular links between the brain and the bladder, which helps significantly in treating the symptoms of incontinence giving you back control.

“The recommendation is for a client to have a minimum of six sessions, and then one session per year after that.

“My problems were dire so I have had 12 sessions and I am like a new woman, I have stopped wearing pads altogether, I don’t get up for the loo in the night and the desperate urge to wee has gone too. It’s amazing. I honestly never believed something as simple as sitting on a chair reading a magazine for half an hour could have such an amazing effect - but it has.

“I have tried it out my on friends and they have been equally amazed and even one of their daughters. Now I’m ready to launch it out to the public. I wanted to have confidence that it would work before offering it out because it is not a cheap treatment, but affordable considering what it does, and having been disappointed myself so many times in the past I didn’t want that for other people.

“But it definitely works and you will no longer be forced to wear pads. As we all know things only go downhill as we get older, think about what it’s like for you now and imagine what it’s going to be like in another 10 years down the line.

“This chair can change all that and re-set your body to what it was like in your 20s and if you keep up with sessions once a year it will stay that way.

“Having tried it out on friends and family I’m confident it really does offer a solution to a problem that has haunted not just women but also men for years and I’m ready to launch Freedom for You right here in the Fens and I’m looking forward to helping people to overcome their incontinence problems and put an end to those awful oops moments.”

Fenland Citizen reporter Sarah Cliss was offered a chance to try the chair to see just how it works for herself.

She said: “As a 58-year-old mother of two I consider myself so far lucky to have escaped those infamous oops moments, but I definitely suffered with the sudden urge to wee - not always convenient when you’re out and about.

“So I must admit I was intrigued to try Suzanne’s chair. Not quite sure what I was expecting, I can honestly say I felt a little underwhelmed when I saw it for the first time.

“Shaped a bit like a club chair, the machine, is in truth, not much to look at.

“But when the switch is thrown and it start’s to do its thing then you really can feel it tightening that pelvic floor.

“It’s not painful, it’s not uncomfortable, although you do have to sit still, so it is quite weird to think it is considered a medical treatment.

“As a bit of a cynic I wasn’t expecting too much after the first treatment, but I was actually surprised to find there was an improvement.

“By the third and fourth sessions I realised that I hadn’t had to get up in the night for a wee, and the urgency had also almost gone. By the sixth and final session, that desperate need to go was no longer an issue.

“So would I recommend the chair - short answer yes. It definitely helped me, and it is nice not to have to race off to the nearest loo all the time.

“Obviously I have only just completed the course so it is hard to predict whether it will last, but given that it has lived up to the claims made about it so far, I have every reason to hope it will.”

Freedom for You are located in a private location in the Fens.

They are offering one free treatment to the first 10 people who call in from this feature and also discounts on courses of six x 28 minute sessions until December 19.

Freedom For You can be contacted via email: freedom.4.you@outlook.com or call 07818940105.

Victoria, a new mum of two, was tempted to follow the celebs and have the mummy make-over, but was offered the chance to try the chair.

She said: “I had two quick births and they left me with a bit of incontinence, which was annoying. So I was thinking about having the surgery to repair the damage. But I knew Suzanne through my mum, and she offered me a chance to try out the chair.

“I couldn’t imagine it would actually work, but if it was going to save me having to have a surgical procedure I thought it was definitely worth a go.

“And well, wow, after one session I noticed a big difference and by the third, I felt like a new woman - amazing.

"I'm in my late 20s so I really didn't want to have the problem for the rest of my life, hopefully the chair has solved it for a long while to come."

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