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Chatteris man's impeccable driving history

I respect Mr Geoff Newham’s letter about idling car engines (Letters, November 27).

As regards schools? Maybe people should get up earlier and get the children ready so they can walk to school.

Even after my children have grown up and left home many years ago, I still get up at 6am, seven days a week, without the need for an alarm clock.

Idling refers to running a vehicle's engine when the vehicle is not in motion. (23540577)
Idling refers to running a vehicle's engine when the vehicle is not in motion. (23540577)

Maybe a few months in the Armed Services would do them a great favour.

Unfortunately if your car is parked on the roadside overnight and needs de-icing and defrosting to clear your vision through the windows, you may find it an acceptable excuse to idle.

Also if you demist with a cloth and get in the car your cold breath will re-mist the windows – therefore the air in the car must be warm to stop that phenomenon happening.

Unless Mr Newham is suggesting we reduce idling by putting the accelerator to the floor and then start the engine. I think I would rather let it idle at 1,800 revs.

As regards “PASO”, maybe the people at the Department of Transport may remember Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre.

It’s a good job we don’t go back to pre 1980’s with a manual choke and the Morris Thousand using half a gallon of fuel in 10 minutes to idle on the driveway to defrost/demist on a winter’s day.

I shall now carry on with my lifetime history of no road traffic accidents, offences or endorsements, and no insurance claims.

So thank you for your article, Mr Newham.

Mark Burton,


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