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Piercing ends Marham man’s migraine misery

Colin Seaman migraines stopped after having ear pierced ANL-160117-092513009
Colin Seaman migraines stopped after having ear pierced ANL-160117-092513009

A Marham pensioner who was crippled with migraines for more than 50 years is enjoying a new lease of life thanks to a gold earring.

Colin Seaman, 70, began to suffer from debilitating migraines as a young man and had given up hope of ever finding a cure.

But now he is enjoying the longest period of time without a headache thanks to the piercing within his right ear.

Mr Seaman has now thanked Helena Redfern at Hocus Pocus, in St James Street, Lynn, for changing his life with the daith piercing.

The grandfather said: “I want to thank her so much. She didn’t realised she had cured me.

“My granddaughter Donella thinks its funny that her granddad has an earring. She’s only four. I do feel like a different person.”

Mr Seaman began to suffer migraines from the age of 20 which would knock him for six.

He had been to the doctors on numerous occasions in a bid to find something to take away the pain, including injections around the eyes.

Over the years, the headaches began to get worse and he would suffer from them daily.

Mr Seaman, who used to exercise race horses and work on the land, said: “They were terrible. If it wasn’t for the drugs I wouldn’t be here now.

“I used to get rainbow colours in my eyes and the pain would be blinding.

“My wife once found me with clothes pegs on my face – you would do anything to take the pain away.

“I had given up hope and just thought it would be part of my life.”

A month ago, a friend shared a story about a girl in America having her headaches cured by a piercing and decided to give it a try.

He went along to Hocus Pocus and was given a daith piercing within his right ear by Miss Redfern.

Since then father-of-two Mr Seaman has not had a headache. Previously his longest run was three days.

His wife Sandra said: “It’s a nice lease of life for him and for me.

“It was horrible as I couldn’t do anything to help him with the pain.

“We used to have to take pills with us everywhere and now we don’t have to worry.”

Miss Redfern says daith piercings are becoming popular and has had more than 100 people in trying to solve headaches.

The piercing derives from acupuncture and the ear is a pressure point.

She said: “It is amazing to know that it has changed someone’s life. It is very pleasing and rewarding to know I ‘ve helped.

“We love hearing feedback.”

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