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Please don’t litter Wisbech

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

I have just read your article in the Fenland Citizen (August 19) about the rubbish in Wisbech highlighted by Mr Humphreys.

That made me want to share my experience and views, with an idea of how to improve the unpleasant situation of excessive littering in Wisbech in general.

I moved to Wisbech last January with my husband after I got a job in the town. I read every issue of Fenland Citizen and I really feel for anyone who is bothered with the rubbish piling up anywhere as this annoys me as well.

Wisbech has a potential to be a great small town. Instead, I have to witness all the time how people carelessly drop their litter on the street and this rubbish is to be seen everywhere, despite an effort of good folks that collect this rubbish. They cannot be everywhere all the time. When reading the article I appreciated that ‘greater education’ was mentioned. People in Wisbech, especially the younger generations, need more education and motivation to put their rubbish to the bins that are plentiful in the town.

The youngsters very much care about how they look and making an impression, but they need to be taught that dropping rubbish on the street is not cool.

Before moving to Wisbech I lived in London. Obviously, there are cleaner and less clean areas in London. But Wisbech is a small town with a potential and after noticing this excessive littering I feel like living in a poor town populated by uneducated people of a very low socio-economic status.

I really feel like I want to go living somewhere else. I have had my father visiting me quite recently and I felt ashamed when showing him around. Can the schools do better in educating their students to become valuable citizens? Of course they can.

Dagmar Slamenik,


bees and pesticides

Urge MP to reconsider

I am prompted to write to you concerning a recent letter on the plight of our bees and the re-introduction of neonicotinoids. These pesticides have been banned across Europe because they have been found to be lethal to bees and other pollinating insects.

The pressure from farmers on environment minister Liz Truss has choked her common sense. Why?

We need bees. Once they are destroyed our food surely will be endangered. I urge people to write to Liz Truss and ask her to reconsider her decision and keep the ban on these dangerous pesticides.

A J Woods,


queen elizabeth hospital

Just brilliant

I have heard many negative things about the NHS and the QE hospital at King’s Lynn. I was taken there by ambulance after my heart had a tantrum.

The ambulance crew, A & E and MAU ward, where I ended up for a few nights, were all brilliant. I was very impressed by everybody’s level of commitment. I was really well looked after. The food was also very good.

I wonder why so many people knock our hospitals? My experience was really good, and believe me I didn’t want to spend time in hospital.

So, my thanks to all the staff on MAU ward for turning what could have been a harrowing experience into a very relaxed one. I really do feel everyone in this area should be grateful we have such a service available to us.

Alan Moss,


rail link

Tell me why

May I, through your columns, again ask Steve Barclay MP why he showed absolutely NO interest in the Wisbech to March Railway Line, when the Bramley Line Group were fighting to get it open?

Mr Barclay visited March station during the time the Group had a roadshow there and totally ignored them, for no reason that we are aware of. So why now his ‘sudden’ interest? It seems, he can’t do enough for the re-opening of the line.

Talking of the Bramley Line and the Trust as they last were, where and when do they meet these days – as their plot at Waldersea has been abandoned for some time, so I have been informed?

I will not be holding my breath for Mr Barclay’s reply, as like his colleague, MP Liz Truss, she doesn’t bother to answer her constituents’ questions either, unless it suits her.

Brian Baylis,


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