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Police operation brings home five of eight stolen miniature horses from Christchurch - now the search is on for Barbie the only one who is still missing

Barbie a yearling palomino is only stolen horse still missing.
Barbie a yearling palomino is only stolen horse still missing.

Five horses stolen from Christchurch were recovered by their owners with the help of police on Wednesday afternoon from a travellers site at Beck Row, Suffolk.

Five horses stolen from Christchurch were recovered by their owners with the help of police on Wednesday afternoon from a travellers site at Beck Row, Suffolk.

Jo and Dan Everett got he call they had been waiting for to say police had eyes on five of their horses - two were recovered on Tuesday evening after being dumped in a field less than two miles from home.

Theft of the eight Falabella horses sparked a massive nationwide social media search with posters sharing images of the miniature horses up and down the country in a bid to make them ‘too hot to handle’.

Now seven of them are safely home with the Everetts at their farm off the Sixteen Foot but one - Barbie a palomino mare is still missing.

Posting on Facebook last night after bringing her horses home Jo said: “We got a phone call from the police that they had eyes on our horses and to be on stand by. I can’t explain the feelings.

“We waited for ages waiting for confirmation that they had the warrant. The police told us to go to a petrol station near the location and wait. .........So we waited.

“After some time we drove to a second location where we met up with the rural crime team. Two of which had come in their own holiday time -️ the police had turned out in force as the ponies had been located on common ground and we didn’t know who was detaining them.

“They escorted us into the area. It seemed like we were driving for ages down tracks that only seemed fit for off road vehicles. We came to a small clearing surrounded by trees and fields. The ragwort was all I could see and in places it was as tall as me.

“The police drove round the field and stopped. I couldn’t see any ponies at all through the weeds. I walked over to where an officer was standing and I saw the foal first loose.

“The mares were tied with seat belts around their necks and two had no access to water. There was Kiradecash (Kiri), Promise, Kiss and Melikim. Kiradecash is damaged.

“With help of the police we loaded them quickly. I called to Kiradecash and suddenly we heard lots of calling from behind the hedge in the next field.

We drove out of the field to leave when a police officer identified Farada.

“We stopped the car and me and Dan ran across a massive 10 acre field. An officer had managed to catch her as she was free. As we ran towards her she continued to call. We greeted her and put a head collar on, she cantered and trotted the whole way back to the box. She had been turned loose with cobs.

“Once we left we met another trailer and moved the mare and foal over so he could not be damaged on the way home. Once we got the horses to the stables we called the vets.

“Farada was reunited with her dam who didn’t recognise her at first but let her drink and they are settling. Farada is not well she has a fever and has lost a lot of weight. She is lethargic and disorientated.

“Kiradecash has a large wound on her leg that requires treatment for proud flesh and antibiotics. All others will recover in time. They are thin, dehydrated and confused. But they are back.”

Speaking after the recovery of the first two - Salsa and her very young foal Falarie - Jo described how their lives had become a living nightmare since the horses were stolen.

They have suffered nightly attempted break-ins - sometimes more than once a night - and have had to mount round the clock vigil to protect their property. They are working to upgrade security at the farm, which they rent from Cambridgeshire County Council.

“Me and my husband are having to stand guard all night and all day, we have the police out every time, but they haven’t been able to catch anyone. Last night (Tuesday) they searched the property but couldn’t find anyone, but we later found evidence of where they had been hiding.

“We are upping our security but it takes time to do that,” said Jo, who added she was being bombarded with possible sightings of the missing horses from all over the country.

“I am getting around 1,000 messages a day, we have had sightings in Manchester, Gatwick and all over the place. I am reading each and every message and trying to reply to them all but it is taking me a lot of time to do that, but I want people to have that personal touch and no that we are grateful.”

Now the Everetts are more determined than ever to find Barbie - so the Christchurch eight can be finally all reunited.

Barbie is a yearling palomino with a white mane and tail if you have any information on her whereabouts then contact Jo on 07837 970665.

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