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Political candidates vying for Fenland votes


Election fever has hit Fenland after the candidates vying for your votes are released.

Nominations closed last week and Fenland District Council has announced the list of people who will be standing for election on May 7.

Council officers are urging residents to ensure they are registered before the deadline of April 20.

This is the first time that parliamentary along with district and town/parish elections are being held at the same time in Fenland.

Five people have thrown their hats into the ring for the North East Cambridgeshire Parliamentary seat.

Candidates are: Steve Barclay (Con), Andrew Charalambous (UKIP), Lucy Nethsingha (Lib Dem), Ken Rustidge (Lab), Helen Scott Daniels (Greens).

Candidates have also been released for the district council seats, with just four being uncontested.

Candidates are:

Birch Ward (one seat):

David Green (Con), Josephine Ratcliffe (Lib Dem), Sandra Rylance (UKIP)

Clarkson ward (one seat):

Norman Booth (UKIP), Carol Cox (Con), Ann Purt (Lab.

Doddington and Wimblington (two seats -uncontested)

David Connor (Con)

Maureen Davis (Con)

Elm and Christchurch (two seats):

Martin Bower (UKIP)

Jane Feaviour-Clarke (Green Party)

Tony Feaviour (Green Party)

Will Sutton (Con)

Michelle Tanfield (Con)

Phil Webb (UKIP)

Octavia Hill ward (two seats): Kathy Dougall (Lab)

Samantha Hoy (Con)

Andrew Hunt (UKIP)

Simon King (Con)

Dean Reeves (Lab)

Kirkgate Ward (one seat):

David Patrick (UKIP)

Garry Tibbs (Con)

Manea (one seat)

Mark Buckton (Con)

Ian Woodard (Ind)

March East (three seats):

Katharine Bultitude (Lab)

John Clark (Con)

Martin Field (Lab)

Bernard Keane (Ind)

Sylvia Keane (Ind)

Alan Lay (UKIP)

Lisa Moore (Ind)

Andrew Pugh (Con)

Robert Williams (Lab)

Fred Yeulett (Con)

March North (three seats):

Mike Cornwell (Con)

Steve Count (Con) Stephen Court (Lib Dem)

Andrew Crawford (Green)

John Gowing (Con)

Jeanette Shermer (Ind)

Peter Tunley (Ind)

March West (three seats):

Jan French (Con)

Jane Murton (Lab)

Peter Murton (Lab)

Kit Owen (Con)

Mark Purser (Con)

Simon Robinson (Green)

Matthew Routledge (Lab)

Rob Skoulding (Ind)

Medworth (one seat):

Paul Edwards (UKIP)

Jo Reeves (Lab)

Helen Scott-Daniels (Green)

Steve Tierney (Con)

Parson Drove and Wisbech St Mary (two seats): Sarah Bligh (Con)

Gavin Booth (Lib Dem)

David Broker (Con)

Nicholas Poole (Lab)

Brian Sandall (Lib Dem)

Peckover Ward (one seat):

Nick Meekins (UKIP)

David Oliver (Con)

Roman Bank (three seats):

Susan Carson (UKIP)

Andrew Charalambous (UKIP)

Paul Clapp (UKIP)

Samantha Clark (Con)

John Cook (Lab)

Michael Humphrey (Con)

Chris Seaton (Con)

Slade Lode (one seat uncontested):

Florrie Newell (Con)

Staithe Ward (one seat):

David Hodgson (Con)

Reg Mee (Lab)

Caroline Smith (UKIP)

The Mills Ward (one seat uncontested):

Anne Hay (Con)

Waterlees (two seats)

Aigars Balsevics (Con)

Brenda Barber (Con)

Michael Bucknor (Ind)

Virginia Bucknor (Ind)

Wenneye Ward (one seat):

Dick Mandley (UKIP)

Peter Murphy (Con)

West Norfolk Council seats:

Emneth with Outwell (two seats):

Chris Crofts (Con)

Harry Humphrey (Con)

Tony Jackson (UKIP).

Upwell and Delph (two seats):

David Pope (Con)

Colin Rose (UKIP)

Vivienne Spikings (Con)


Richard Blunt (Con)

Trevor Roberts (UKIP)

Walton :

Roy Groom (Con)

South Holland District Council seats:

Long Sutton:

Laura Eldridge (Con)

Jeanne Sibley (Ind)

Andy Tennant (Ind)

Jack Tyrrell (Con)

David Wilkinson (Ind)

Sutton Bridge

Michael Booth (Ind)

Chris Brewis (Ind)

Shirley Giles (Con)

Vicky Hills (Con)

Phil Scarlett (UKIP).

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