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Sutton Bridge fashion store closing as owner retires

The owner of a prestigious fashion store is planning for retirement when she closes her shop after more than four decades.

Cindy’s Fashions, in Bridge Road in Sutton Bridge, has been providing exclusive top-end fashion since the early 1980s, selling the likes of casual wear and wedding outfits.

Cindy Marritt (60) recently announced her plans to hang up her boots, and looks back fondly on her time in the store.

Cindy Marritt of Cindy's Fashions
Cindy Marritt of Cindy's Fashions

“It’s been a long time,” she said.

“I’ve always had a passion for the fashion trade, most definitely.

“I’ve done it for 41 years, so that’s a lot of passion, isn’t it!

Cindy at Cindy's Fashions in Sutton Bridge
Cindy at Cindy's Fashions in Sutton Bridge

“That’s all I’ve ever really wanted to do, so I’ve really enjoyed my time. It’s just been fabulous.”

Cindy is in no doubt when it comes to deciding on what her favourite part of the job has been.

“Meeting the clients, definitely,” she said.

“I’ve actually got customers now that I had when I first started. So that is fantastic in itself I think.

“I’ve got to meet so many people that first came to me 41 years ago that are still coming to me today, so I think that’s absolutely brilliant.

“We have customers come from far and wide to be honest, so it’s been amazing.

“Obviously being a very individual business, customers turn into more than customers. They turn into friends.

“You go through this time together, really.

“I will miss that the most, I’ll miss the customers and the day-to-day banter, but all good things must come to an end eventually.”

Cindy’s Fashions is in the midst of its retirement sale, which will conclude on September 11.

However, Cindy doesn’t think she’ll be able to call things a day just yet.

She said: “There’s always so much to do, and it doesn’t just finish off, does it?

“We’ve got to see through the wedding alterations and things like that, so I’ll still be in the shop even after that date.

“You plan to leave then, but it doesn’t really work out like that.

“With weddings last year being rescheduled we’ve been really busy on that side. Alterations need to be completed, people need to collect.

“I’ll be in here for longer yet.”

With the date drawing ever closer, however, Cindy has a final message for her loyal customers and friends.

“Just a big thank you, I think,” she said.

“Obviously I wouldn’t have been here for 41 years if it wasn’t for them supporting me all the way through, so a big thank you must go out there.”

She is now planning for her time after the fashion store – or planning to relax, at least.

“No, I haven’t got any plans at the moment,” she said.

“I’m just going to take it as it comes.

“I’ll just chill out, have some time to myself at home, enjoy the garden and spend time with my husband.”

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