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One tiny fix will make March road very safe, says letter writer

Here is a letter from next week's Fenland Citizen...

In an ideal world, the flow restriction island traffic calming measure installed along Hundred Road, in March, would have been the end of the reckless, idiotic speeding drivers zooming around as though there is, literally, no tomorrow.

For vehicles travelling from the roundabout along Hundred Road, on the same side of the road as Commercial Road, and Century Way, cars are forced to give way to oncoming traffic, and THAT PART WORKS, that was supposed to be the ‘ideal world’ solution, some in the planning department thought, but, in reality, it seems that some careless and dangerous drivers that come from Wisbech Road, through Norwood Road and onto Hundred Road view this ‘partial’ traffic calming measure as an invite to use it to race along Hundred Road.

If a car is hammering it close to there at an illegal, a ridiculous, and downright dangerous speed, there will be a death as well.

As grateful as we are for an attempt to stop the speeding, and for the money it cost, due to the stupidity of some drivers, it is only half a job.

To finish the job in the most cost effective manner, they should stick a speed hump where people cross the road along Hundred Road.

Please, we are begging March Town Council, Fenland District Council, and the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Authority, can you please fix a tiny issue, that plagues many, and could save lives, or rather, will save lives, and think about this when assessing all other speed restriction measures in our area?

Ashley Smith


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