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More Wisbech residents should write to incinerator company

The website (in English) of the German parent company of the firm that wants to open the incinerator in Wisbech is www.mvv.de/en/.

When you go to their site you can easily find their senior executives by choosing Executive Board from the overview drop-down menu, where you will find a link, apparently directly, to each board member.

I have emailed two of them. Perhaps more of us in Wisbech should do likewise.

Weare backing campaigns to 'Bin the incinerator' (28595660)
Weare backing campaigns to 'Bin the incinerator' (28595660)

Below is my email letter:

I live in Wisbech in Cambridgeshire. MVV Environment Ltd proposes to open an incinerator in our area very close to a residential area.

We are told that possibly harmful particles get released into the surrounding air from the processes used in converting waste to heat and energy. Your websites talk about a closed system and that closed system may not have any deleterious effects on the air, the water supply, but feeding that closed system will have effects on local travel and transport infrastructure.

In the particular location chosen we are likely to see hundreds of lorries delivering waste.

Since the only major road (the A47) does not have a dual carriageway for many miles either side of Wisbech, and already suffers from congestion, these lorries are only going to make local travel difficult and unpleasant and increase wear and tear on the roads quite severely.

We were hoping that Wisbech would be reconnected to the rail network and become, in the next few years, part of a Greater Cambridge providing work opportunities, tourism and a growth in population to restore a weak local economy.

The site chosen for the incinerator will dig up the still existent railway track and make the longed for scheme at risk and probably unviable.

Our local MP you might know as the former Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, a Mr Stephen Barclay and, as a present member of the government, he has taken up the fight to stop the incinerator being built.

Your other plants at Plymouth, Dundee and Sittingbourne do not dominate the sky line as the one proposed at Wisbech will do.

They also are sited near the sea and in large cities (Sittingbourne is a commuter town serving London).

On the law of averages the effect of the plant is spread over a wider population and area.

MVV is proposing to what feels like crush a small community just because its town is in a deteriorated state at the moment.

I presume your British executives feel the inhabitants don’t matter and the town doesn’t matter because no one outside of the area cares whether it grows or declines.

Please would you review this decision in order not to harm the lives and future prospects of a small community.

David Silver,

via email.

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