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Skip idea to beat fly-tipping

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

I read with interest, on page 10 of the Fenland Citizen dated March 30, a spokesperson from Amey complaining about metal items being in the bins which might damage their machinery.

He asks that people take their unwanted metal items to the Wisbech tip.

A great idea, however, what if the people don’t own a vehicle?

Given the amount of money it costs the council to clear up fly-tipped waste, why cannot there be supplied, to all outlying areas and villages, a tip area or large skip?

Even a concrete contained area, where people could dump unwanted items, which was cleared once a month and taken to the recycling centre, would cost much less than sending out the Street Clean team to remove fly-tipped rubbish.

Each village already has a small recycling area with bins for waste paper, clothing and glass.

The skip can be lifted and taken to the dump or sorted on site.

Surely it wouldn’t be too difficult to site a skip next to these bins? Or is that just too much common sense?

What are people supposed to do with bulky waste if they don’t have a spare £400 for a skip?

Pam Thompson,

Tydd St Giles.

response to MP Criticism

I was also ignored

I am writing in reply to the letter from Mitch Mitchell (Citizen, March 23) about MP Steven Barclay not replying to his emails. As some readers may remember I was, at one time, chairman of the Wisbech-March Bramley Line Group, intent on getting the rail line reopened as a heritage line.

We did a series of roadshows publicising the fact, including on March Station where Mr Barclay made an appearance – but, I regret to say, totally ignored us for some reason.

As soon as an election was announced, he showed a sudden interest in it – even being photographed at Waldersea, grinning like a Cheshire cat. I had stood down by this time and now he has gone very quiet of late about it.

Is this what MP’s get grossly overpaid for and to ignore their constituents?

No, Mr Barclay isn’t the only one, as I have found out with our MP Liz Truss over pensions.

Brian Baylis,

via email.

landlord licences

I support register

As a socialist, I would like to comment on the letters (March 30) by Mrs CH and UKIP councillor Alan Lay about the proposed register by Fenland District Council (FDC) of private landlords in the Wisbech area.

FDC are proposing to charge private landlords £575 per property for a five-year licence as part of plans to ensure ‘fit and proper persons’ are renting out properties.

I support FDC’s proposed register. Such a register would ensure that all private landlords inform HMRC of their rental income and pay the right amount of a tax due.

The register should be expanded to cover all private landlords with properties in the Fenland area and should be linked to the re-introduction of rent controls and rent control officers.

Buy-to-let landlordism, with its associated tax breaks, has priced-out young couples in Fenland from home ownership. So much for Mrs Thatcher’s so-called ‘property-owning democracy’.

To put an end to buy-to-let landlordism, Fenland District Council should embark on a large-scale council house-building programme, which would also create much-needed jobs and apprenticeships for young people.

In the meantime, the people of Wisbech should support FDC’s proposed register of private landlords.

John Smithee,


a47 breakdown

Anyone help?

Traffic was being held up on the A47 between Guyhirn roundabout and Wisbech on Thursday morning by a vehicle that had broken down.

The stricken vehicle was just yards from a ‘lay-by’ but the poor driver was unable to do anything about it on his own.

I was travelling in the opposite direction, or I would have stopped to help push him out of the way. Did anyone do that?

Citizen reader,

full details supplied.

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