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So what’s the difference?

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

Please can someone explain the difference between how the owners of Constantine House in Wisbech and the empty site where once stood Cook’s Butchers are being treated – when both are privately owned?

Fenland District Council plod on with efforts to get the owner of Constantine House to obey the law.

Vast sums of public money are being spent on the Cook’s site employing consultants, architects and others. Using Lottery funding is adding insult to injury.

At least you have not repeated the fiction about the fire destroying Cook’s.

When I rented the shop next door several years ago, a man turned up saying that he had bought the Cook’s site at auction, unseen(!) and wanted to have a look at it.

Presumably it has changed hands since then – if not why should public money be spent on this property?

David Eldridge,


speed watch

Job for the police?

So Wisbech Council have agreed to crack down on irresponsible motorists (Citizen, August 5). Isn’t this a job for the now almost non-existent Police to sort out?

In recent weeks, my wife and I have been to the town and, I can guarantee, every single time we get overtaken when keeping to the speed limits in both the 30mph and 40mph zones of Churchill Road – no matter what time of the day or night it is.

I wish the council luck in getting their scheme off the ground, as when I was a parish councillor here, I tried to get a team.

I notified the Police, who kept us waiting so long for training the team gave up trying.

Brian Baylis,


tips appeal

Pen and paper best

Peter Shorrick, regional manager of Diabetes UK, wants practical tips from diabetics (Citizen letters, August 5).

Well, how about this one?

I’ve been a diabetic for 25 years and, like many other people, have no access to computers – nor do I want any.

So, my very useful tip would be to involve people who like to use the old way of pen and paper.

Mrs Helen Slater,

Friday Bridge.

health service

Get a grip on finances

Originally the NHS computer system cost £14 million – but now it’s £40 million and it doesn’t work, thanks to “ATOS”.

This is the fourth time since 1960 the NHS has tried to create a central computer network and failed!

(GPES) the “General Practise Extraction Service”.

Then add to that an NHS hospital trust is selling off its cleaning and housekeeping services to private contractors in a deal that will cost taxpayers an extra £500,000 a year to run.

The NHS really needs to get a “GRIP” on finances!

Then add to that the NHS drug procurement scandal.

NHS bosses are being paid thousands of pounds and taken on expensive trips by pharmaceutical companies to get their products used by the NHS – so the companies can access taxpayers’ money via lucrative government contracts.

Obviously the pharmaceutical companies are conscious of giving the taxpayer value for money instead of their own wage packets.

Thus they sell their products at the cheapest possible prices!

Mark Burton,


local football

Flying start for Fenmen

I see Wisbech Town FC have made a great start to the new football season and even had the biggest crowd of the day in their league on ‘kick-off’ day – congratulations Fenmen!

How many readers remember the days when all three towns in Fenland had football teams in the same league?

Local derbies between Wisbech, March and Chatteris were keenly-contested and always well supported.

Now our three teams are all playing at different levels – is it likely they’ll ever play at the same level together again? Is money the key?

Fenland supporter,

details supplied.

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