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Social media and the internet will help your business grow

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mobile, tablet and laptop responsive webdesign isolated background.'Digital Kitbag SUS-150325-102531001

The greatest change over the last few years in promotion and advertising is the use of the Internet.

Our websites are a platform to blog and promote our business. In addition links to social media are vitally important.

The use of Twitter and Facebook has grown considerably – every business, no matter what size, can enjoy the benefits of social media.

We have focussed on Twitter and Facebook a lot over the last 12 months. Gradually we have increased our activity and developed what we think works best for us.

On Facebook we have a business page. We regularly post technical articles about current accounts and taxation topics. These prove popular and often result in questions and contact from current clients.

Photo posts, along with small articles, also prove very popular – gaining many likes and views – and the visual side of these posts attracts a lot attention.

Also non work-related posts are regularly used – our hobbies, interests and things we love are shared with the world. We regularly bake and love to share our results.

We also sponsor a local football team, Wisbech St Mary under 10 purples, and their achievements are a common feature on our posts.

We enjoy the interaction with clients on Facebook and the sharing and liking which occurs. We also regularly share, repost and interact with other businesses and their posts.

Supporting each other is essential in social media and following what others are doing, keeping up-to-date with each other.

Twitter is our other main social media outlet. We find tweets are great for interacting with others and keeping our tweets lively and topical. We regularly enjoy taking part in tweet sessions such as #norfolkhour and #klhour. Interacting with businesses and individuals on a one-to-one conversation, or with a group, is a great buzz.

We use social media for many reasons. It’s a great way of starting new relationships with other businesses. We use it to enhance our knowledge, and we also find it a great way to keep in touch with current clients.

Over the last year we have worked hard to monitor our statistics of interactions and activity online. This is very important and allows us to understand our market.

We are also astonished by the effect this has had on our business. We feel in touch with so many more businesses and people and, most of all, we are positive this has supported our business growth and has helped build our business.

Please look at our new website: www.bantoft accountancy.co.uk and follow us on our Facebook page: Bantoft Accountancy

Find us on Twitter: @bantoftaccounts

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