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Stormy waters over tariff

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

I would like to concur with the letter writer Sue Nicholson, from Wisbech, who wrote in your April 15 letters columns with regards to the phasing out of Anglian Water’s Solow tariff.

I have tried my hardest to save precious water – by installing three large water butts for the garden, cistern devices and many other water-saving tricks.

I, too, received notice that a standing charge will be added to my bill because I do not use enough water.

I will be contacting Anglian Water and Age UK to see what can be done.

I urge any of your readers who are in a similar position not to accept the increase until all complaint avenues have been tried.

Concerned reader,

via email.


Decision not taken lightly

The decision to phase out our Solow tariff was not one we reached lightly, but was needed to ensure charges are fair for all six million of our customers. Following Mrs Nicholson’s letter (Light users ‘punished’ 15 April) I wanted to explain why.

We remain fully committed to our Love Every Drop ethos and we’re actually going further to encourage water efficiency by enhancing our offering for all of our customers.

All of our customers across the entire region can now apply for a free water efficiency audit in their home. This includes advice and a visit from an approved plumber to fit free water-saving devices to help reduce their usage.

We’re also aiming to increase the use of water meters, which we believe is the fairest way to charge customers and puts them in control of their bill.

We have a promise to keep our charges fair, and as low as possible for all our customers. We’ve reduced average bills by 7% this year – the biggest drop of all water companies – in order to keep this.

Solow was unique to Anglian Water, with no other water company offering anything similar.

However, recent analysis of data showed the tariff was benefiting smaller households more than those who were water efficient – and while some people were benefitting others were losing out, despite their best efforts to use less.

We understand there will be bill increases for some Solow customers and that’s why we’re taking great care to phase the changes gradually over three years.

Phasing means the average rise is less than £6 per year and ensures fairness for all customers.

Martyn Oakley,

Director of Customer Services,

Anglian Water.


Entirely out of touch

I was astonished to read about Mr Lord’s experience (Citizen, April 1). It is beyond comprehension should anyone have a building damaged by fire and unusable, he receives a rate bill for the same.

Government, national and local, are entirely out of touch with the reality of emergencies and follow instincts as if nothing has happened.

What a state we are in. Government-wise the future augers ill. These things should be addressed by members of parliament, local councillors and attitudes revised. We expect it of them.

Trevor Bevis,



Reason for crisis?

I recently received, and confirmed acceptance of, a hospital appointment.

To date I have had two phone calls and a reminder letter from the hospital.

They stated they would have also sent a text or email, had they had a mobile phone number or email address.

Assuming that each of these communications cost the NHS ten pounds (factoring in time, paper, cost of phone calls, etc) and multiplying this by the number of appointments made nationally, it is no wonder that the NHS is in financial crisis

A Wisbech Patient,

by email.


Dump ’em in it

It was heartbreaking to read last week’s story about the tyres dumped in a drain in March. If you know who is responsible, I urge you to report them.

Regular reader,

by email.

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