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Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

May I thank county councillor Dick Mandley for showing interest in speeding cars along Doddington Road, Chatteris (Citizen, February 10).

Just the other year at around 11pm most nights we had a black BMW doing 60mph past Willey Terrace. Then we also had a “bumble bee” late at night – yes a moped/50cc bike with no exhaust pipe.

Several mothers have vented concern over the years at traffic speed and indeed the other year one young girl was hit by a motor car while innocently waiting at the side of the road.

I shall also be writing to county councillor Mandley about investigating the practicality and cost of installing an illuminated speed warning sign at the end of Curf Terrace. Hopefully there is some government/council grant or funding available for most of the cost.

The rest will be from public donation and fundraising – if this is a practical possibility I am happy to make a reasonable donation towards it. Obviously I wait with bated breath as to exactly how much these things cost.

May I also ask Mr Mandley to investigate the cost of changing the pedestrian crossing at the Apple garage and Green Welly Motel to a pelican crossing with two yellow ball lights, like the one outside the Budgen’s shop in town – or a proper light controlled crossing to assist children on their way to school.

Friends of ours have vented their anger and concerns that their council homes are damp and mouldy – some have not even been damp proof injected. If anyone off Queensway, Chatteris, would like to contact county councillor Mandley, I’m sure he will be interested in investigating this issue. I have already inspected several properties and I’m happy to show him my findings.

Mark Burton,


welney wash road

Cost of work too high

John Knott’s letter regarding Welney Wash (Readers’ Views, February 17) misses one or two relevant points.

Whatever it involves to make the road over the washland usable during floods will incur very considerable expense. Anyone knows that.

Norfolk County Council and bordering authorities are hardly likely to fund a project such as this because the government is hell-bent on draconian measures of cutting back on so many things, including traffic infrastructure.

A big venture such as that envisaged for the washland will certainly go unheeded. Government mantra puts the national deficit at the heart of things but, while it keeps borrowing, debt will always be the noose around its neck.

As for asking the European Union to provide funds to raise the road or build a bridge, such requests fall on stony ground.

The EU has no sense of direction except leading to a bottomless chasm which will lead to self-inflicted destruction.

It is too involved in fighting for its existence. The monooly exerted by a surfeit of nations ruled largely by unelected persons can never work.

By the way, Mr Knott, I admit to having scant knowledge about civil engineering – but I do hold qualifications in history studies.

Trevor Bevis,


peace rally

Deterrent is defence

The first duty of the State is the defence of the Realm. Nuclear arms limitation and reduction with a view to worldwide abolition would indeed be a fine achievement.

Unilateral disarmament, though, would leave this peace keeping country naked and exposed in a dangerous world where only the bad guys end up with the weapons. Pax Britannica serves Pax Christi.

Your kindly correspondent (Letters, February 10) writes to promote a London Peace Rally later this month. While in Trafalgar Square I’d commend to him the dying words of Nelson (there high above him): “Thank God I have done my duty”. He meant exactly that.

A 100-year peace in Europe was achieved as much by sound tactical positioning and a credible deterrent – the power of the Fleet – as any actual resort to force of arms. The alternative was the invasion of mainland Britain.

David J. Addington,


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