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Thanks to Wisbech police

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

We just like to share with you our recent experience and to express huge thanks to Wisbech police who had helped us in a very difficult situation few weeks ago.

We are a newly-opened small family business in the area and we were on the way to Wisbech market for our first trading day.

We were towing our catering trailer filled with food, hot soups and pasties and cakes, and suddenly, at the crossroad over the river at Wisbech, our car would not start when the lights changed to green.

We were trying and trying to start the engine but it refused to start, and we were stuck at the traffic lights on the very narrow road, blocking all traffic around us.

We were terrified and panicked about the situation and what to do and where to go and ask for help, because we don’t know anyone in Wisbech. Especially, as it was Saturday 7.30am.

I was about to burst into tears when suddenly a Police Officer from the Wisbech station appeared. He was very understanding, supportive and kind to our situation and he stayed with us all the time until the local rescue service arrived.

The officer offered to us his support and protection and was redirecting traffic around our car and trailer, which were blocking a narrow road.

He also took us in his car to the car recovery centre in order to minimise our distress, and made the whole experience much more bearable.

It was unfortunate for us to start our first day of our business in that way, but the local police offered their support and we would like to express our sincere and grateful thanks to Wisbech police.

Unfortunately, we don’t know the name of the police officer who helped us that day.

Paul Bennett,



Thanks for assistance

May I, through your columns, thank the three ladies who came to my assistance when I slipped and fell on ice at Well End, Friday Bridge, on Wednesday morning.

In particular Jayne Williams, headteacher at Fridaybridge Primary School who, seeing me fall, stopped her car and checked me for injuries and then drove me home.

She then called on me in the afternoon to see how I was. Fortunately I only suffered a strained shoulder muscle.

Kind actions such as this restore one’s faith in human nature.

Tony Homden,

Friday Bridge.


Economy 10 shocker

In response to Mr Welford’s letter of last week re Economy 7 – try changing to Economy 10.

For two years or more we have been charged for only the day rate, the night rate is not charged at all. After numerous telephone calls my wife has got quite friendly with the response team at E on, with promises of ‘we will fix it’.

The meter is read and the reader says: “The night meter isn’t on my computer I will tell them”. The bill comes and, of course, no night reading.

A phone call to E on, the same thing: ‘we will fix it’ and, of course, they don’t.

If we were not honest we could have hundreds of pounds worth of free electricity.

Unless, of course, we have the most efficient heating system on the market – so efficient it doesn’t move the dials!

Brian Warren,

Wisbech St Mary.


‘Incredible U-turn’

On reading Victoria Fear’s report in the Citizen of February 4 “Estover set for £200,000 make-over” I will make the following comment.

I, too, would like to register my delight at the awarding of a 99-year lease on the Estover Playing Field March, to March Town Council.

It should be recorded that this would not have been possible without the residents of March resisting firstly the insistence by Fenland District Council to allow developers to submit planning applications for up to 249 dwellings on unallocated land in Fenland as detailed in the Fenland District Council Local Plan – something that is still in dispute – and Cllr Steve Count’s proposal last July, as Leader of Cambridgeshire County Council, that the County Council should to take advantage of this opportunity and develop on half of the Estover Playing Field and provide investment to the remaining half to develop sporting facilities.

To quote Cllr Steve Count he stated: “if the County Council do not take advantage of this development opportunity then other developers will, and there is no possibility that Cambridgeshire County Council will agree to a long-term lease on Estover”.

How wrong you can be Cllr Count, and would this long-term lease have been agreed if it had not been an election year?

It is a little rich now for Cllr Steve Count to attempt to take credit for the granting of a 99-year lease on the Estover Playing Field, when it is he who has been advocating development and it is he who has officiated over the most incredible U-turn of the year.

Cllr Peter Tunley,

Independent District Councillor,

March North Ward.

‘Amazing statement’

I read in today’s publication on page 15 a truly amazing statement attributed to the Fenland Councillor Steve Count.

It reads... He said:“I am elated. I finally had the chance to deliver what the people of March wanted.”

I smell a hint of hypocrisy here. Am I wrong in thinking that Steve Count wanted about half the field for 249 “Windfall Housing” in exchange for an improvement to upgrade the sport field?

Alan Lay,

Cambridgeshire County Councillor.


History repeating?

Nothing changes.

I have recently been reading Readers’ Digest, Portrait of an Era, An Illustrated History of Britain 1900-1945 and came across the following paragraph which I believe, and hope you agree, is well worth repeating:

“In 1906 the Liberal Party ousted the Tory party in a landslide victory and a fresh awareness of the great divide that split British society came to the fore.

“In a time of general prosperity, observant citizens became more conscious than ever before of the yawning gap that separated the rich from the poor.”

I find it ironic that in the 21st century we are still having the same argument, although we do have food banks?

Rule Britannia – but who for?

John Cook,

Parson Drove.

Forgotten increases?

The Wisbech Conservatives are saying that because of their prudent management, they are not putting up local taxes for this coming (election) financial year.

Are they forgetting – or more likely seriously hoping voters will have forgotten – the fact that they put up our taxes by a whopping 30% three years ago?

With such an excessive surplus in the council accounts, they have had no need to increase our taxes over the last two years.

Even the Town Clerk said “we are not a bank”.

Wisbech residents are not fools. I am certain they will remember the increase which the Opposition totally objected to.

David Patrick,

Wisbech UKIP councillor.

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