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Changes in the software we use at work

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In the fortnightly Barwell's Banter column, Nickie Barwell, of Barwell Accountants, discussing accounting software.

As we have all seen, the workplace has changed so much in the last 18 months.

This has also caused a change in the software that we use within the workplace.

Working from home seems to be an option that many employees and employers will use permanently, or, as an option going forward.

So, bearing this in mind – software providers are changing the way we access the programs to collate book keeping and accounts data.

The accounting programs and software that would always have been used by businesses were based in the office on a desktop computer or a server.

This meaning you had to physically be on that computer to work.

This may now be a thing of the past as the software now is available on a Cloud-based service.

This means that you can be anywhere in the world on a selection on devices and have the ability to work when you want to.

Whether it be simply raising a sales invoice on site to give to a customer straight away or at home to do your VAT Return.

Going forward this will be the way data will be available to both clients and accountants.

It has the benefits of being flexible to fit in with our style of working and needing information to hand at the convenience required.

The benefit of this change means that we will see fewer duplications of work, as you will be able to send your sales invoices directly from the software you are using and then upload so your accountant or bookkeeper can see them.

This eliminates having to print and send them in as you would have done before.

Communication with your accountant can be smoother as well as you will not need to send every piece of paperwork, you will be able to upload as much as you want.

The only downside at the moment we can see that many providers have not ironed out all of the creases in the new programs, but as time progresses and more people use the programs it will all become second nature to us all.

The only thing that you have to do is find the right software for what you require and within the price range that you are happy with and get started.

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