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These horses need help now

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On January 13 a horse was killed on the A47 near Wisbech, between the roundabout at Elm High Road and the roundabout at Redmoor Lane.

In summer last year another was killed near the car wash and Elm High Road roundabout.

These poor animals are suffering beyond belief. Nothing is being done and no-one seems to care at all. It is absolutely horrendous. They spend their life tied up, going round in circles, then get hit by a car whilst searching for food and die in excruciating pain. How awful and cruel.

There are horses tied up near roads all over Fenland and it is diabolical that this is allowed. At the moment there are at least six next to the A1101 at Gosmoor Lane in Elm.

Recently police were there because one of the mares was roaming around free – a common occurrence, in fact almost daily. The owners tell police they will move them but they never do. What is it going to take to stop these animals from being treated like this?

Last year the RSPCA and residents raised concerns for tethered horses being badly treated and neglected in the Smeeth area and the Citizen ran a front page article – yet it all comes to a sad nothing and literally a dead-end for these poor horses.

There have been incidents of dead horses being dumped in dykes and on farmland. I literally fell over a dead horse in a field and had to get the council out to remove the poor thing. This had been tethered.

It is all too much and something NEEDS to be done. Genuine animal lovers do not treat their animals like this; it’s wrong on so many levels!

Beverley Park-Whittaker,

via email.

foodbank thanks


Thank you! Volunteers and clients of March Foodbank would like to send a huge thank you to local people and organisations for their amazing generosity last year.

We were especially encouraged over the Christmas period to receive unprecedented amounts of food through our collection points at Tesco and Sainsbury supermarkets.

We were stunned by the creativity of the Neale Wade sixth formers, the thoughtfulness of the District Nurses and the generosity of local businesses, churches and schools too numerous to mention – you know who you are! So, we start the new year with good stocks of food but also, sadly, many people who find themselves in need of it. So well done, people of March and surrounding villages. Keep up the good work in 2016.

Anyone wishing to get more involved can contact me on barbarataylor129@sky.com or visit us at Centenary Baptist Church, High Street, March on Tuesdays at 12.30pm.

Barbara Taylor,


March Foodbank.

county councillor’s ‘diary’

Busy for you

Over the last few weeks as the representative for Chatteris on Cambs County Council I’ve been involving myself with Chatteris problems – such as road signs, drains and potential flood areas if a major rainstorm happens.

I’ve had help from the District Highways Manager, and I thank him for that.

I’ve been walking round Chatteris looking at pavements and places that will soon be needing attention and intend to call on a few residents to see if some of these are becoming rather a nuisance to them. Of course, these things take a little while to remedy.

I’ve also been attending meetings at Shire Hall on the adults committee. All full council meetings are recorded and put on YouTube. Until I went on the council I hadn’t a clue about that.

So, if you have a computer, click on YouTube Cambs County Council and you’ll find out what your councillor gets up to.

Also some, not all, meetings are open to the public in Shire Hall and can even be filmed and recorded – so there you are, transparency in action as it should be.

Dick Mandley,


made in fenland

Aid research

Made In Fenland is a project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund via the Ouse Washes Partnership.

I am researching the skills needed to live and work in the Fens. I would love to hear from anyone involved, or whose ancestors were involved, in making and creating things locally.

I’m expecting to find woad growing and dying; basketmaking; lace-making – anything created for work, or just to make life easier and decorate homes.

Get in touch via my email, lorena@redbarncreative.org.uk or write to this paper. Thank you. See www.redbarn creative.org/fens for more.

Lorena Hodgson,

Red Barn Creative,

The Institute,

Hill Street,


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