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'Fenland District Councillors so out of touch with plans for Wisbech school,' says letter writer from Wisbech St Mary

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With reference to the Department for Education’s decision to refuse the original proposed location for a new Wisbech secondary school and look for an alternative site.

For Fenland councillors to say they are “furious” and one to say the decision is “outrageous” just shows how out of touch they are with the real world.

“Embarrassed” would have been a more appropriate word!

A new secondary school is planned for Wisbech
A new secondary school is planned for Wisbech

They also fail to disclose in the press all the reasons for the DfE decision.

If they had taken notice of public opinion they would have saved spending shed loads of money in preparing for an unsuitable site.

Instead of accepting local public opinion we were accused of being NIMBYs by one councillor.

Riding roughshod over local residents’ opinions has not worked.

The site was only chosen as it is owned by Cambridge County Council, whereas a more suitable site would have to be bought – a decision now admirably made by the Department for Education.

The area’s infrasructure is crumbling now without a western bypass and would finally break with the additional traffic servicing a 600 pupil school plus a special school.

Council members need to take notice of the fleets of vehicles delivering and collecting children from secondary schools.

Andy Norman

Wisbech St Mary

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