Thomas Clarkson pupils in Wisbech have a world of opportunities after A-level results

Aironas Budrys

A cold case investigator, a linguist and an architect are just some of the careers A-level students from Thomas Clarkson Academy in Wisbech are aiming for after receiving their exam results on Thursday.

Four of the high flying students have also scored a first for the school after gaining places at prestigious Russell Group Universities -it is the first time in the school’s history. They are Joseph Moore, Rosa Djalo, Nathan Thomas and Abbie Murray.

Erin Bell

Joseph, who gained three As in maths, further maths and chemistry and a B in physics, is off to Leeds University and hopes to follow in his dad’s footsteps by studying for a four year chemical engineering masters degree.

He said: “My father was an engineer so I have that kind of background and I have always been interested in maths and science so this degree combines them.”

Rosa, who achieved three B grades in Portuguese, Spanish and French, is going to Manchester University, where she will be studying languages and business with the long term aim of working for an big international company.

She said: “I always wanted to either study languages or finance as I want to work in an international company, something really big.”

Samanta Cichunovaite

Nathan, who achieved A grades in chemistry and biology, a B in physics and a C in maths, is going to study chemistry at Southampton University. He said: ‘I love chemistry, it has always been my favourite subject. I wouldn’t mind becoming a science teacher.”

Abbie is celebrating her A grade in sociology, B in Business Studies and C in psychology, and is also going to Southampton. She said: “I am most pleased about my psychology result as I will be study criminology and psychology. I want to be a cold case investigator because I love looking at crime cases and the psychology behind them. I love unsolved mysteries.”

Meanwhile other students have also gained university places and are looking forward to courses as diverse as zoology and archictecture.

Gertruda Dambrauskaite and Erin Bell have won places on psychology courses at the University of Brighton and Bishop Grosseteste in Lincoln. Gertruda who got a double distinction star in performing arts and A Levels in sociology and media said: “It is the only thing that really grabbed my attention.”

Jordan Marshall

Erin achieved a double distinction star in performing arts, as well as a B grade maths A Level and C in psychology. She said: “It is such an intriguing subject. I like the idea of working with the police doing profiling or something but I definitely want a career in psychology.”

Jordan Marshall and Samanta Cichunovaite both want business careers with Jordan securing a place at the University of Winchester and Samanta going to the University of Brighton.

Samanta will be studying international business and Chinese. She said: “I want to learn a language and opted for Chinese business specifically because there is a lot of potential.”

Beth Ellerby, is heading to Hull to do a three year zoology degree. She said: “The course is like biology but on a larger scale so you look at ecology and the whole environment rather than just specifics. I am hoping that it might eventually lead to a career in conservation.”

Students with principal Anne Hill pictured after getting their A-level results.

While Aironas Budrys was ecstatic after being offered a place at his first choice, the University of Central Lancashire to study a seven year architecture degree.

Abbie Murray with her results.

Rosa Djola with her results.

Nathan, Joseph and Beth with their A-level results.

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