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Tilney St Lawrence family’s lucky escape from house fire

House Fire at Westfields Estate Tilney St Lawrence ANL-160122-164515009
House Fire at Westfields Estate Tilney St Lawrence ANL-160122-164515009

A Tilney St Lawrence family had a lucky escape by jumping out of a window to escape a fire which had broken out in their home.

Dave Burt along with sons Terry, 23, Toby, 21, and 18-year-old Ti are putting their lives back together after the devastating blaze at their home in Westfields in the early hours of Friday morning.

Toby and Ti jumped out of their bedroom windows and grabbed a ladder to help their father and older brother out of their windows.

Mr Burt said: “There is no doubt that we had a lucky escape. I don’t know if the boys appreciate how lucky we were in the fact that we all woke up - and you have to ask yourself why.

“There was a lot of crashing and banging as things fell off the shelves downstairs. That was only for a few seconds but the smoke was black and thick. We were shouting at each other in our bedrooms.

“I can’t tell you what woke me up.”

Toby jumped out of the window first and was soon followed by Ti .

The pair grabbed a set of folding ladders, which the family had been using to make a book shelf, and set it by their father’s window to help him out of the house.

The ladder was then set up for Terry, whose room was not as full of smoke.

Mr Burt said: “If it had not been the fact that the ladder was there, then Terry and I would have had to jump as there no way we would have survived in the house until the fire brigade arrived.

“The smoke was so thick, you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face.”

The family were taken to Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital for a check-up and had been staying with family until the insurance company can sort out something as their home is currently unliveable.

Mr Burt said: “I would like to thank everyone, family and friends, who have been offering support and help.”

Four appliances were called out at 2.50am. An investigation has been launched into the causes.

One of the Lynn station managers Bob Ayres said the family were “lucky to get out alive”.

Mr Ayres said: “It is important to have working smoke detectors. They had a detector on the ground floor but it was not situated in the best place. If it had been situated in the right place then I am confident they would have had that early warning which would enable them to escape by traditional methods rather than jumping out of the window.”

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