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Top instructor visits Wisbech karate school

WTKO course at Samurai Shotokan
WTKO course at Samurai Shotokan

Samurai Shotokan Karate School held a high profile event at Wisbech’s Hudson Leisure Centre on Sunday as the Technical Director of The WTKO association, Sensei Scott Langley, came to teach a four-hour course.

Sensei Langley is currently 6th Dan and is regarded as one of the best instructors currently in the UK.

He is only the fifth westerner to have completed the tough three-year Japanese Karate Association instructors programme having lived and trained in Japan for five years.

He travels worldwide teaching and such is his appeal students travelled to the event from Norwich, Cambridge, and Bradford as well as our own students. Sensei Langley wrote a book about his time in Japan called Karate Stupid, which has become a best seller due to its inspirational content.

Two two-hour sessions covered basic Karate principles which was a real insight into Japanese karate. Session one saw 64 students train and the second session had 52 participants so the day was a fantastic success.

“In fact it was the best event that we have ever held in our 15 year history,” said Sensei Steve King.

Following this course Samurai Shotokan Karate School has joined the WTKO with Sensei Steve King being accepted as an instructor with the WTKO. He will now continue his Karate education under the guidance of Sensei Langley, and other Senior senseis in the WTKO such as Richard Amos 7th Dan, and John Mullin 8th Dan. SSKS is the first school for the WTKO in Wisbech and King’s Lynn.

“This is a fantastic step forward for all of us at Samurai,” added Sensei King.

“The WTKO is a brilliant traditional group with exceptionally high standards but also great teachers and leaders who have real karate pedigree. Sensei Langley has greatly inspired me as has Sensei Amos as he was the third westerner to have completed the JKA instructors’ course so the quality of their teaching is the very best.

“New members always welcome in our exclusive beginners classes.”

Class details - Hudson Centre: Thursdays evenings and Saturday morning; Terrington St Clement High School: Tuesday evenings.

Contact 07843 414433 or sensei@samuraimartialarts.co.uk or www.samuraikarateschool.com

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