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UKIP advertising under fire

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Although not one to take offence easily, I find myself compelled to draw your attention to the distasteful advertising wrapping last week’s edition of the Fenland Citizen.

I appreciate that advertising does not require editorial approval.

Whilst I also have the upmost respect for every individual’s viewpoint, simply I must complain about the inappropriate inference taken from UKIP’s advertisement.

Given the incredibly poor quality of the wording of the advertisement I feel there is every possibility that UKIP’s suggestion is that the people of Scotland did not play their part in the wars fought by the UK (just as inaccurate and offensive!)

However, I suggest the inference really is that the UK remaining part of the EU in some way disrespects the sacrifice of those who have fought in the world wars.

I can’t imagine I’m alone in finding this offensive on a number of levels.

Given most of UKIP’s rage seems to be directed at those from Eastern Europe who are now members of the EU it seems particularly despicable to bring in this reference.

UKIP appear to have conveniently forgotten the unimaginable suffering of those in eastern Europe during the Second World War particularly; and the key role played by resistance fighters from (amongst others) Poland and the former Czechoslovakia in actually winning the war.

By all means UKIP, make your argument and lay out your policies, but suggesting that allowing members of the eastern EU states to take up their legal right to freedom of movement is in some way denigrating the sacrifice of those who fought in recent conflicts is not only revolting but also simply inaccurate.

Whatever your view on the EU now, it’s worth remembering that it was established as a means of bringing together a deeply divided Europe after the Second World War to guard against another such conflict.

With rhetoric such as this advert, it’s difficult to take UKIP seriously as anything other than instigators of division, whatever their intentions may be.

Sarah Lenton,


Low and nasty local politics

I was appalled to see the wrap-around ad on the front page of the Citizen.

In the first instance I do not feel that the poppy, nor the memory of our Fallen heroes, should be used as a cheap campaigning gimmick for political purposes.

Secondly, they talk about the SNP being in a position of power in the UK and then follow it with “don’t let their sacrifice be in vain.”

I am as opposed to the SNP having a position of power over our national government as the next person but, whatever they may be, the SNP are NOT Nazis.

The people of Scotland fought right by our side in the war. Brave Scottish regiments risked their lives as part of the British army.

This has got to be one of the lowest and most nasty pieces of local politics I have ever seen. UKIP’s candidates should be ashamed of themselves.

Steve Tierney,


Tasteless propaganda

I am terrified, appalled and disgusted by the paper’s recent, grossly disproportionate and tasteless, party-political propaganda.

Your decision to cover the paper, front and back, inside and outside with manipulative UKIP promotion is completely wrong.

I support freedom of expression of the press, yet the extent to which you have gone – the misleading and manipulative adverts now covering three consecutive editions – is beyond ‘press freedom.’

Look at the message of the poppy with its slogan. It is incredible that you can display such a terrible and treacherous reversal of the truth: a message that the World Wars were a fight for English racial purity! Is that a notion you want to promote?

I shall be spreading awareness of what you are committing, and I urge you to halt the propaganda immediately and apologise.

Fenland Reader,

via email.

n Mark Leslie, Editor of the Fenland Citizen, replies: I appreciate the letters we have received and am very happy to share views that are undoubtedly felt by a good number of readers.

I appreciate that not everyone will approve of everything found within a newspaper.

But an advert – no more than an article – in this newspaper no way implies endorsement or support for any product or viewpoint.

The Fenland Citizen has a proud record of impartiality in political matters and we intend to keep it that way.


Thanks to community

£8,480 – this magnificent sum is the amount of money that The Rotary Club of March has been able to donate to the March community in the last 12 months.

None of this would have been possible without the support of local citizens – people like yourselves.

Yes, there are many other deserving charities. But Rotary, as do our ‘friends’, The Lions, looks at the broader picture.

Who are the recipients of these monies? It may be a club or association that you know of, that needs a little help; a scholar seeking to enhance their experience by charity work overseas; or, perhaps, a local surgery in need of extra equipment such as blood pressure monitors, or a defibrillator for an in-town club or entertainment venue.

We feel sure that, with the so-generous local support we have received – even in these ‘strained times’ – we can continue to quietly build on our past achievements.

Godfrey Smith,



Council tax rebate due?

I just wondered how the absence of a supermarket in Chatteris has affected the council’s responsibility towards the “Basic Community Amenities Act”.

Also, with the absence of a supermarket, residential property values in Chatteris have been “devalued”. So, with bated breath, I await a reimbursement from FDC for overpayment of council tax!

It’s such a shame no business rates are being paid on the empty supermarket stores at Chatteris as this would have helped the council receipts considerably.

Mark Burton,



Message to candidates

The voters of Wisbech want Councillors to:

· Have all the potholes mended, particularly in the side roads.

· Put the traffic flow in the Market Place back as it was.

· Put three-phase traffic lights opposite Exchange Tower. There will be an accident here!

· Not waste money on the Town Cemetery – it will never be a tourist attraction. Use the site for affordable housing.

· Tidy up the Spinney and stop youths from destroying the bunds.

· Get proper policing in place.

· Not waste money on a railway line – it will only go to March – and spend the money on improving the A47.

· Prevent illegal and inconsiderate parking.

· Ban drinking in every Wisbech street.

· Modernise the market square – it is not a true Georgian feature and definitely not a tourist attraction.

· Make it safer to come out of Asda – perhaps traffic lights?

· Most important – connect with the people. We only see Councillors at public events.

· Prevent sleaze in the three levels of council.

Wisbech Voice,


Thanks for the support

I would like to thank all the people of the Waterlees ward, Wisbech, for their continued support over the last seven years.

Unfortunately I have not been selected to stand in this coming council election.

All of your support has been greatly appreciated.

Ray Griffin,


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