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Upwell acts to clear up ‘mess’

A group of residents in Upwell have banded together to cut the long grass outside of their houses, which they say used to be the responsibility of the council.

Some of the occupants of Lode Avenue had become upset at the state of the grass, and so they decided to do something about it.

Patricia Harris said: “The grass was so long and the local children were playing football on the road at the junction: the view from the junction was obscured by the two-foot-high grass, plus it looked an absolute mess.

“We chose to take matters into our own hands for safety reasons.”

Ms Harris said that several residents had contributed to the cost of fuel so that the grass could be mowed.

Ms Harris maintained that on the council’s website it does state that they are responsible for grass cutting in the area.

According to the website: “The Council undertakes routine cutting of grass in urban areas. Grass areas which are the responsbility of the Council are cut on a 2-week rota from March to October. Continued bad weather can delay cutting.”

A spokesperson for West Norfolk Council said: “We have revised the amount of times per year that we cut the grass for which we are responsible.

“We’ve been forced to do this by the need to reduce costs. In areas that were cut 18 times per year, we are now cutting 12 or six times a year, based on need.”

The spokesperson added: “If local residents wish to cooperate and cut areas of grass they feel are not being cut often enough, we applaud this initiative and community spirit.

“We’re already aware of several groups of local residents who are cutting areas of grass themselves, or even planting flowers, because they wish to make their environment more beautiful.”

Ms Harris said: “It is just the principle of the matter. I am willing to contribute as a one-off but not as a very regular thing.

“I am all for community spirit but we were not given any notification.”

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