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Warning: Flush with care!

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

I came home from hospital after a five-day stay due to norovirus-induced dehydration.

In the evening, I noticed a problem with the water level in the toilet, but left it for the next two days to see if it would return to normal.

By Thursday evening it hadn’t and my next-door neighbour’s nearly flooded over the top when I flushed it. I called Anglian Water.

The man found the blockage further up in the next road, in exactly the same place as when it last blocked about a year-and-a-half ago.

At that time, they found it had been caused by baby wipes. So I would like to remind readers not to flush things which shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet: domestic drainage pipes are typically four inches in diameter (source: www.water.org.uk) and are unable to cope with baby wipes, nappies, dressings and whatnot. Just because you flush something does not mean it will magically disappear! Also this flat landscape makes any kind of blockage problem worse. After being very unwell and in hospital, I didn’t really need the added stress of a blocked drain.

Jacqui Thompson,


chatteris poppy appeal

Proud effort

As your newspaper predicted a few weeks ago, the Chatteris Poppy Appeal has struggled this year in its attempt to match last year’s income because of the closure of the Co-op Supermarket.

However with the amazing help of the Cross Keys and the George Clare Surgery, and tremendous support from Chatteris residents, we are very happy with the overall proceeds of the Appeal.

Sales of poppies during the two weeks raised £7,202.73 (approximately £1,000 down on last year) but other areas were up on 2014, including a record number of wreaths purchased for laying at the memorial and we hope by the end of this financial year to be on a par with last year.

I still have plenty of enamel pins from various years and, if anyone would like one (£2 each), call me on 01354 695257 or 07774 121 545. Volunteers for next year can also contact me via those numbers.

My thanks to each and every one who contributed in some way: I am very proud of my army of collectors and volunteers and their enthusiasm for the Appeal. Thank you all.

Lynda Behagg,

Chatteris Poppy Appeal Organiser.

road resurfacing

I was simply

being open

With the greatest respect for Coun Hay’s comments (Letters, November 25), I did not for an instant infer that I had any responsibility for resurfacing Westbourne Road.

If she had read the letter properly she would have seen I’d been told by the District Highways Manager, in a “by the way” manner, that the road would be resurfaced in March, 2016. I simply passed that on to residents who live there, as several had asked me about the road. I mentioned nothing of credit to me.

If Cllr Hay had known for quite a time about when the road was to be resurfaced, why didn’t she tell the residents? Instead she has the arrogant belief that everyone is like her and is computer literate and even has a computer.

It might surprise her that there are a great many people who don’t have one. And even if they do they’re not all IT nerds. That explains why a lot of folk don’t get their council news “online”, attending council meetings is mentioned too.

Well the last time I looked the council chambers would hardly hold many of the thousands of residents in Fenland interested in council matters – so what I hope to do is inform them of what I know that concerns us in Chatteris by way of the Fenland Citizen, a great little paper in my opinion.

Councils are not secret societies and councillors are not a secret sect, although some long-serving councillors treat the FDC as their own little fiefdom and try to stamp their own personal mark on every solitary subject that comes before council. That is why I fully support the letter sent in by David printed on November 11, I think it was a great letter and I wish I’d written it.

Transparency, honesty and dedication are what I like in any sort of government or council. We won’t get it with any politician or councillor treating the electorate like mushrooms.

Nobody makes us put up for election and nobody should get elected without opposition. They should all be made to fight for their seat and then carry out the promises they make during the election.

Here is a bit of information I can claim fame to – the drains I asked to be cleared have been cleared and I thank James Rigney, District Highways Manager, and his very efficient crew for that – well done and thanks.

Dick Mandley,

via email.

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