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Wisbech reader says 'fireworks are going off far too often'

I have every sympathy for ‘Concerned reader’ in the Citizen of October 30.

We’re given all sorts of advice to keep our pets safe on November 5 – and we try to follow it.

The trouble is – and ‘Concerned reader’ mentioned it, too – fireworks are going off for often weeks before that date and many days afterwards.

The company puts on fireworks displays across the county. (21473489)
The company puts on fireworks displays across the county. (21473489)

Ironically, around here, there were night-time explosions galore in the days leading up to Bonfire Night – but I didn’t notice any on November 5! And there have been more since.

How are we supposed to keep our pets safe when there doesn’t appear to be a fixed season for fireworks?

As your letter writer said – why can’t there be a specified proper period for fireworks, so that pet owners know where they stand?

I don’t want to spoil the fun for lots and lots of people who like celebrating Bonfire Night – but I do want to spare my pets from being frightened and not being able to do anything about it.

Valerie Taylor,


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