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What's the point of Fenland's CCTV asks fed-up In-Bloom volunteer

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Fenland’s CCTV system has been called into question following a vandalism incident in Wisbech on Wednesday night.

Wisbech in Bloom volunteer Alan Wheeldon posted images of a trashed floral display created by the team in Museum Square and said: “The total inadequacy of the Wisbech CCTV system is also once again starkly demonstrated.”

Mr Wheeldon said the Museum Square area of the town together with nearby St Peter’s Gardens has become a haven for a group of teenagers dubbed the “Wisbech Biker Gang” on social media for the mayhem they regularly cause in the town centre.

Teenagers have been blamed for this criminal damage in Wisbech. (53036984)
Teenagers have been blamed for this criminal damage in Wisbech. (53036984)

He said: “We regularly see police patrols in the town and they are very visible but they never seem to happen when there is trouble taking place.

“It seems the police disappear around tea-time just as this gang appear. They regularly cause damage to our floral displays, they pull up the plants from the tubs in Museum Square and use them to throw at each other in some kind of game.

“The next day we go around pick up the plants and the soil and replant them only for it to happen time and again.

Teenagers have been blamed for this criminal damage in Wisbech. (53036993)
Teenagers have been blamed for this criminal damage in Wisbech. (53036993)

“On Thursday night they somehow managed to unchain one of our cycle displays and totally trash it. They threw the plants everywhere, then jumped up and down on the bike before finally hurling it into the basement of one of the nearby properties breaking two windows in the process.

“We reported the incident to the police, who said they would look at the CCTV if we could provide them with a 15 minute time frame, as they haven’t got time to trawl through hours of footage. But the cameras are supposed to be monitored so why wasn’t this incident picked up at the time and the police alerted?

“We have a neighbourhood policing team but they have to cover the whole area and that makes it very difficult for them to be in the right place at the right time. We really need a return to a more localised, town-based police team so they can be on the scene more quickly.

“Having to travel from March or wherever to get here is no good, everything is all over by the time they get here.

“On another note I would like to know where the parents are in all this, do they know what their children are getting up to? Do they care? Certainly attitudes seem to have changed as these kids are out quite late causing trouble, surely parents want to know where their children are after dark.”

A police spokesperson said: "We are investigating this incident which happened at about 7.45pm on November 10. Officers attended the scene at the time and CCTV has been obtained from doorbells at residential properties, which is being examined.

"Police are patrolling the area in the evening and at night and anti-social behaviour and vandalism will not be tolerated.

"We would appeal to anyone with information about what happened to contact police on 101 or report online via our website, quoting crime number 35/77511/21."

Fenland District Council has been approached to comment.

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