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Wisbech Rose Fair floats are a winner

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

Having been involved with Wisbech’s Rose Fair on many different levels, it gave me great pleasure, together with Steve Barclay MP, the Mayor and Mayoress and the Deputy Mayor, to judge the floats in 54th Rose Fair Parade.

Judging gave me a whole new appreciation of the time and effort organisations put into participating in our parade. The theme, of “Animated film”, gave scope for such a colourful display. It made the judging difficult decision as all floats were of a high standard.

I hope everyone who took part felt winners by just attending. You should. The weather was glorious and we had a wonderful carnival atmosphere. All the participants spend many hours creating their floats, in order to collect donations for Wisbech Round Table.

Both Elisha Thorpe, the Rose Queen, and the Round Table, would also like to thank Jude, of the Cutting Rooms in Hill Street, for making her look even more beautiful – Elisha that is, not the Round Tablers; they are beyond even her skills!

Young Romantics donated the beautiful dresses for Elisha and her two Princesses, Rebecca Hall and Jessica Snape. Carol Faulkner, of Young Romantics, also participates as the Chapter Queen of the ‘Gadabout Girls’ Red Hat Society, who have been entering a float for many years. Great effort ladies!

There would not be a parade but for the generosity of the hauliers, who provide the lorries for the floats, and the drivers who give their time.

So thank you to: Ken Thomas, KGB, Brett’s, ABS, Ceva, and Fenland Haulage.

The money collected during the Parade will be distributed, in the next 12 months, to local worthy community organisations and to deserving individuals. If anyone wants to contact us, simply e-mail us on wisbechrt@gmail.com

Sam Smith,

Wisbech Round Table chairman.

Well done Wisbech

We wish to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the Rose Fair. We had many compliments from all our visitors.

Special thanks go to Wisbech Round Table who organise the floats and parade on the Saturday and who looked after us so well; to Cllr David Oliver and his team who man the coach/car parking for four long days and survived the seering heat; to the musicians and singers from Peckover school; to all the flower arrangers who surpassed themselves yet again.

St Peter’s was spectacular. “The best we have ever seen” was a comment heard many times. Thanks, also, to our visitors and the citizens of Wisbech for your support. There was a wonderful party atmosphere on Saturday. Well done Wisbech. Thank you all.

David and Judy Hodgson,

Mayor and Mayoress of Wisbech.

european union

I want out

I also want the UK to leave the EU for the reasons given by John Smithee – and for some other reasons as well.

What a shame that he has nailed leaving the EU to the Socialist mast and couched most of his argument in anti-capitalist terms. Why does he talk of the Labour Party coming back strongly in the next five years, riding over the hill to deliver a socialist workers’ paradise – we all know that this is not going to happen?

I think campaigning for a NO vote should not be politicised in party terms. This is going to be a considered response with individuals from all parties weighing up the pros and cons.

For me there are more cons than pros. That will not be true for others, but unlike the EU we are a democracy and we settle our disagreements through the ballot box – not by bullying each other.

We will be deciding in the referendum whether or not we should negotiate our own trade agreements and conduct our own foreign policy and whether we should have control of our fishing rights.

Europe needs to be peaceful, but the EU now sets member against member because of dogma and interferes incompetently in other countries’ affairs.

I do not want to be led and governed by these men (and women) of straw. Mind you I do worry that David Cameron is going to let us down.

Trade and business will continue whether in or out, so we can ignore the fear mongering. Can you honestly believe that former European partners like Germany and France would prevent us from selling goods to them?

What I fundamentally object to is the EU itself as a construct.

It is undemocratic and it believes ideas are more important than people (rather like the people who call themselves socialists).

David Silver,

via email.

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