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Wrapping up a huge success

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

I am writing to express my sincere thanks to all those supporters of the Norfolk Hospice, Tapping House’s McVitie’s Biscuit Wrapper Brigade recycling scheme.

In October 2014 a fundraising biscuit wrapper recycling scheme was started in conjunction with Terracycle. In 2015 support for this scheme grew and when the 2015 Biscuit Wrapper Round-up took place we were inundated with biscuit wrappers to help raise funds.

When the competition ended we came ninth in the country for the amount of wrappers saved from landfill! I’m thrilled to let your readers know to date the scheme has raised an amazing £385 for The Norfolk Hospice, Tapping House.

The scheme will carry on this year, so I ask that supporters carry on taking their biscuit wrappers to any of The Norfolk Hospice’s local shops or to the Hillington site.

We have now also joined The Kenco Coffee Brigade recycling coffee packaging to help raise funds (please note we cannot accept coffee machine pods). For more information on both of these schemes please visit http://www.norfolkhospice.org.uk/pages/fundraising/recycling.php


The Norfolk Hospice, Tapping House, Volunteer.


Give blood in 2016

Many people in Cambridgeshire will be considering giving things up for the New Year, like unhealthy food or alcohol. But you can change your life by choosing to give.

Giving blood is amazing – you can save or improve the lives of up to three people each time you donate.

We always need new donors to ensure we have the right mix of blood groups among our donors to meet patient needs in future and to replace those people who can no longer donate.

We need more than 6,000 people to donate blood every day to meet the needs of desperately ill hospital patients.

Blood and platelets are not just used after accidents. They are used for patients with cancer, anaemia, childbirth complications, and in a wide variety of life-saving procedures.

Less than 3% of people aged 17-70 donated blood last year. Thank you to everybody who donated and helped save lives – we look forward to seeing you again in 2016.

If you’ve never given blood in Cambridgeshire before, register to donate blood and book an appointment to donate at www.blood.co.uk Donating only takes an hour.

So please start this year by changing not just your life, but someone else’s life too, by giving blood.

Jon Latham,

Assistant Director, Marketing and Donor Contact Service,

NHS Blood and Transplant.

Help children in Zambia

Maurice and I have been a team for nearly 40 years. During this time we have seen how working together is much more constructive than working apart. We recognise each other’s strengths and we use this to write comedies such as Birds of a Feather, Goodnight Sweetheart, The New Statesman, among others.

We’ve recently become aware of a problem that with the right team work can be solved. Children in Zambia are four times more likely to suffer from blinding conditions, such as cataract, than those in countries like the UK. As a result, thousands are unable to gain an education – 90 per cent of blind children don’t attend school. Zambia has one of the highest rates of child blindness in the world and yet only one paediatric ophthalmologist in the entire country.

He was trained by sight-saving charity Orbis. They specialise in training doctors and nurses in developing countries and in educating local communities about eye health. Right now, Orbis needs our help. They’re asking us to help save a child’s sight – for free! They’ve launched an appeal called Vision for Zambia to help the thousands of blind children in the country and when people visit www.visionforzambia.org and sign up to find out more, a generous supporter will give £1. Until February 3, the UK government is matching all donations.

Through team work, we can help thousands of blind children in Zambia escape a life of unnecessary darkness, and get them back to school and on their way to a brighter future. Without sight we could never have written, let alone seen those programmes that have given millions of people pleasure over the decades.

Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran,

Comedy writers.

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