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Wisbech reader says chief inspector to blame for poor police performance

Here are the letters from the latest edition of the Fenland Citizen...

Performance down to the chief constable

I was appalled to read that her Majesties Inspector of Constabulary Roy Wisher has looked at Cambridgeshire’s polices performance and come to the conclusion that it is not very good at responding to the public or investigating crime.

The inspector reached the conclusion that this is less than adequate and requires immediate improvement.

Two things regarding this judgement. 1- We could have told him that without him having study their performance.

2- The primary purpose of the Police is to respond to the public and investigate crime. So in that respect our Police force has failed in fulfilling its primary purpose.

Responsibility for this damning judgement must lie with Nick Dean, the chief constable. He has been in charge for almost five years and has plenty of time to get it right.

To illustrate how poorly our police are performing you only have to make the comparison with the Suffolk police force. Suffolk is very similar to Cambridgeshire in terms of population size, it covers a very similar area, with almost equal police numbers.

But their police force massively out performs our own.

For example, regarding

response times for Suffolk police, 93.7% of 999 calls were answered within the target time and the percentage of immediate response incidents where the target time was also met was 92.9%.

They ranked sixth and eighth respectively out of all the 42 police forces.

By comparison Cambridgeshire’s force were ranked a dismal 22/42 and 33/42 respectively.

Regarding percentage of all recorded crimes detected, Suffolk was 35%, ranking them third out of 42, whereas Cambridgeshire was only 24%, putting them a dreadful 31st out of 42 forces.

If Suffolk can do it, why can’t Cambridgeshire?

Responsibility for this dreadful performance must be down to Nick Dean, the Chief Constable. I and many others think he should be replaced with immediate effect.

Alan Wheeldon


Protect unit at all costs

We recently had occasion to visit the Minor Injuries Unit at the North Cambs Hospital, Wisbech.

We were impressed by the helpfulness of the porters; the friendliness of the reception staff; the cleanliness of the department and nursing staff, who dealt with a queue of

patients efficiently and professionally.

This unit is an asset to our community. It must be protected at all costs.

J Cooper


The world will regret our passing

I must thank your correspondent for explaining to me how indebted I am to the many immigrant workers who gave up their homes and comfortable employment to come to England to save the NHS.

I had always thought they came here because they had nothing in their own countries and wanted to make a better life for themselves. He then tells me that despite my love and desire to keep England the kind, tolerant country it was before mass immigration changed it to what it is now, these NHS workers would still tend to me if I became ill.

As I have paid for their education, training and employment through my taxes,I would have thought that they would be obliged to take care of me.

Your correspondent mocks my love for England and my saying I do not want it to be multi speaking and multicultural.

He obviously does not want England to return to the tolerant country it was and wants the rules on immigration abolished so that more criminal migrants can arrive across the channel.

He will be applauding the latest figures that show 28,000 last year and a projected figure of 60,000 this year.

He then insults me by suggesting that I was ignorant of the many brave people of all nationalities who suffered and made the supreme sacrifice to gives us the democratic freedom we enjoy today.

My father was traumatised by his experiences in the first World War but still re-enlisted for the second. He was too old to fight but guarded Liverpool docks when they were being bombed. I had a cousin killed in the Western desert, another buried alive when Crete was attacked and I myself served in a tank regiment in Germany in the early fifties.

It has become fashionable to see people who love this country as strange and eccentric and for their views to be disregarded. This England is the greatest country in the world and the world will regret its passing. God Bless England.

Steve Lund-Beck

via email

Who needs enemies when we’ve got Sunak?

This Government is refusing to pay out £3.7billion of Personal Independence Payment back payments, along with thousands of £2,000 uplift payments never paid to legacy claimants, while the new £635 financial crisis support payment is only paid to a a quarter of our most vulnerable.

This has happened under Sunak’s watch. Who needs enemies when he can’t respect and care for our own wounded. He said: “I want everyone to work hard and reap the benefits and provide a better future for their children like my parents did for me.”

I know lots of people who work all hours of the day and night at several part-time jobs on worthless low paid zero hour contracts, to live in poverty, heat or eat, never own their own home, face eviction, or live off their pension let alone be able to financially assist their children. He then said: “We need to invest in business and new technology.” That means factory automation, robots and unemployment.

They also fear China is thieving our innovations. The problem is our government has a history of failing to invest in new UK innovation.

Mark Burton


Is cancel culture his concern?

I felt I had to write after reading Michael Clayton’s reply to the Steve Lund-Beck letter concerning his desire to not have “to live in a multicultural country, multispeaking England...”

Mr Clayton was correct to call out Mr Lund-Beck on the facts that hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals helped us, and fought alongside us in ALL wars, but many have to go in hunger strike outside Parliament to get any thanks for their sacrifices.

Countless others, like the Windrush generation, who came to Britain many years ago to help rebuild our battered nation after World War Two, are our GPs and medical specialists, and work in our hospitals, saving our lives on an hourly basis.

You could flip it all around an blast our own hypocrisy, and claim that we are reaping the crimes that our ancestors sowed. Colonial slavery, forcing people from their home countries and forcing them to row massive wooden cargo ships from Africa, and other countries, to Europe.

How about the Europeans that moved to America during the gold-rush days, and before. Did the Native Americans even have the chance to appeal against mass immigration?

They got brutalised, enslaved, raped, or murdered by our fore-fathers.

But in support of Mr Lund-Beck, I have a problem with multiculturalism being forced upon us, like white British reporters on news channels and their anchors are being replaced by those of colour, more and more, every single day.

Almost every programme we watch, there are more and more multicultural presenters, specialists and actors on screen, even the new set of EastEnders has cost nearly £90 million, and it is, and will be adorned by racial apologist moments. Does Mr Lund-Beck have a problem with multiculturalism, or are his concerns more entranced in ‘cancel’ culture? Because if so, I am in agreement with him.

Ashley Smith


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