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Letters on Chatteris-area reservoir, Elm housing and street art

At least this pond won’t dry out

This new reservoir is the talk of the town, with proposals for jet skis, boats and sail boards.

It’s not going to be just grass and trees around it but leisure and recreational facilities and parking.

Well at least this big pond won’t dry out like some pocket-sized excuse.

Caroline Pearson


Village is becoming a dormitory suburb

I read with interest the piece in last week’s Fenland Citizen where Ivan Towler has had ‘permission in principle’ to build just nine homes off Sandy Land.

I am a resident of Elm where we have had recent developments.

North of Henry Warby Avenue – 26 homes, north of Grove Gardens –more than 30; and now a proposed 63 affordable homes north of Gosmoor Lane; nine homes seems small beer in comparison.

I can appreciate the need for more housing but in the case of Elm, what once was a smallish pretty village in a rural setting is becoming a dormitory suburb without the necessary infrastructure.

As this isn’t the first time I have written on this subject I had be better be careful and not accused of being a local windbag.

Veronica Trubshaw


Graffiti and vandalism, nothing less

Street art or graffiti? (60061991)
Street art or graffiti? (60061991)

So Charlie Greig loves the so-called artwork on the Chatteris bypass (Fenland Citizen, October 12, pictured left).

The sprayed depiction of a little girl in support of Ukraine by someone with the pseudonym of Ronin.

What he calls art, I call graffiti and vandalism, nothing less. And just because it’s in support of something you agree with does not make it right or legal.

I wonder if Mr Greig would be so enthusiastic of this graffiti and vandalism if is was spray painted on the outside of his house?

In my opinion, graffiti is a stain on society and makes towns and cities looking like rundown ghettos.

Eddie King

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