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Your letters on Fenland District Council elections and retail in March

Why March man is standing for the Tories

We have had some pretty tough and grim times since the darkest days of the coronavirus pandemic, what with the war raging on in Ukraine, the triple home-front crises of
inflation, the cost of living, and the national strike issues that have blighted our lives over the past few months. And that is before we mention the other crisis, the illegal immigrant situation.

Then, when you look through local eyes, and you see the growing problems and concerns we have in our own area, whether it be frustrations with the pot-holes littering our roads, the recent traffic chaos, the uncertainty over the March town centre development situation, or even the planned Wisbech incinerator that could pollute our land, waters, air and environment, most of us have gripes, concerns, and worries.

But with, seemingly, not much clarity to come from ‘way up high’, so that is why I want to become a conduit between those that decide, and those of us that put our crosses in the ‘box’ on polling day, and I have decided to stand for the local council elections with the Conservative and Unionist Party for March, North on May 4.

If elected, I will promise to put the voters (and non-votes) at the front and back, left, right and centre, top and bottom, of everything I am to achieve. I will never promise to over deliver, but will promise to strive to deliver more than I promise, and put the people, the nature, the environment, and the good of March and Fenland before all else.

And yes, while I am a Conservative hopeful, and I agree with Conservative Party values and beliefs, I am also standing for another party, that People’s Party.

The People’s Party doesn’t have a manifesto, as such, because until you tell me what it should consist of, we don’t have one, if that makes sense?

I have not taken this decision lightly, but, at the end of the day, I am not taking this step for personal gratification, to curry favour, or to make
myself any wealthier.

I am taking it because it feels like the right step to take, because we are at a time of great uncertainty, and we need stability, we need certainty, and we need honesty, and I believe that we can pull together on the right side of things, then we can look forward to a greater future.

I am very happy to pass on my contact information, which, by email is ash66smith@gmail.com, or take contact details for further discussions.

Whoever we vote for, whichever candidate rises to the top, the old adage certainly is true between us voters, and that is: we’re all in this together.

Ashley Smith


Passing trade in March will be killed off

I hear they are going to demolish the toilets near the bridge in March, and build a new replacement set in City Road car park near the electric substation. Sorry, why is everyone laughing?

So, it’s traffic queues from the City Road roundabout to the Mallet’s shop in Broad Street, or gridlock in Dartford Road during rush hour.

However, savvy drivers will use back street rat runs like County Road, Norwood Avenue, Hereward, Robingoodfellows, Maple Grove, Norwood Road, Hundred Road and Hostmoor. If you don’t believe me, just send some councillors up to the Hostmoor Avenue and Westry Road junction in the morning and 5pm rush hour, when Peas Hill roundabout comes to a standstill. What the hell is going to happen when the new garden township is built?

The new plan for the market place looks great, despite losing seven parking spaces and all the disabled parking spaces in Board Street.

I suppose the disabled parking spaces are moving to Sainsbury’s car park unless more disabled spaces are created in City Road. So, the term ‘passing trade’ doesn’t ring any bells. Is that why QD has pulled out before the town centre becomes

Caroline Pearson


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