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Your letters on politics, remembrance and the NHS

Here are the letters from the June 19 edition of the Fenland Citizen…

Nigel just needs that helping hand

Reform is now ahead of the Conservative Party, Nigel Farage is XTC (ecstatic).

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage

HQ are now only making plans for Nigel as he just needs that helping hand to become PM, and they only want what's best for him after all.

Clearly, if Nigel says he's happy, then he must be happy.

Caroline Pearson


We must never forget

During the many unbelievably emotional and poignant moments during the anniversary of the start of the D-Day landings, and the liberation of Europe from Nazi Germany 80 years ago, few had to go and spoil it all.

The idiot who shouted ‘French ‘*******s’ to our Prime Minister, who shunned the other world leaders, and then we had the pompous French customs officials checking the passports of the allied parachutists that landed in France.

To everybody else, you would have made the fallen a little more proud in their final resting places.

I just hope those poor young boys and men sleep safely and in peace for forever more.

We must never forget.

Ashley Smith


Tax the super rich

The London Metro, a capitalist newspaper owned by Viscount Rothermere, has published a two-page spread entitled: ‘Super-rich must pay more tax, say multi-millionaires’.

The feature laments that, despite public support for it, “politicians of all stripes have been unwilling to instigate any kind of wealth tax”.

The richest 350 families’ combined wealth is £795billion - roughly the equivalent of giving every family in Britain £41,000.

There are now 165 billionaires in Britain - there were just 11 in 1989.

A key adviser to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown recently said that there is an “overwhelming economic and ethical case” for Labour to impose higher taxes on wealth.

Patrick Diamond calls for higher tax on wealth and to tax capital gains - rich people’s profits from selling shares and second homes - at the same rate as income tax.

Multi-millionaire Rishi Sunak entered the Sunday Times Rich List in 2022 due to the joint wealth with his wife, Akshata Murty. The Sunaks increased their wealth last year by £120million to an estimated £650million.

They are now wealthier than King Charles, whose wealth rose from £600million to £610million.

Even just a 20% levy on the combined wealth of £795billion held by the 350 on the Sunday Times Rich List would raise £159billion. Why not extend it to the richest 1,000?

John Smithee


Dental farce

Since May 13 I've suffered severe pain after having a deep filling by my regular NHS dentist.

The filling went into the pulp and nerve and a second X-ray at an emergency appointment revealed a split in the tooth . My said I had to pay £73.50 for an extraction.

I pointed out the NHS policy for a failed filling meant it should be free of charge.

My dentist referred me to the NHS for specialist work as they were concerned about infection and one week later I recieved an offer of an appointment in Newmarket.

I refused to travel that far and the lady said I could go to Peterborough. However, after seeing reviews, I declined.

When I phoned back I was told there is an 18-month wait at Peterborough City Hospital dental department.

Eventually, I received a call back from Dental Health Care who confirmed they only had an appointment on the July 16. Their statement, "Safe and compassionate dental care for those most in need” doesn't apply.

Mark Burton


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