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Here are the Fenland Citizen letters from Wednesday, May 18...

Is a 40 week wait for advice acceptable?

What is going on within Cambridgeshire Community Services.

Following on from your concerning report in last week’s edition reference local sexual services operated by this trust I have to raise concern about another section of this PCT MSK division.

This is a self referral service which I escalated my particular health complaint with in February.

Having heard nothing proactive I re-contacted them in April to get an acknowledgement to say I was in the queue.

Yesterday I rang the helpline to ask why I had at least not been triaged and was told I’d had a ‘virtual’ triage and I was in the queue to speak to a practitioner.

Positive you might think but I was told the queue was in

excess of 40 weeks.

I need some advice on a mobility issue that would take five minutes and it’s in excess of 40 weeks? Is this an acceptable service?

March reader

Name and address supplied

Our lazy society could not care less

Conservative MP Lee Anderson has sparked a backlash after his comments concerning food bank users being unable to cook, and budget.

Please don’t get me wrong, so many people are struggling these days, whether they are working or not.

For many, eating, heating, clothing etc are real problems and health concerns, but for some reason, some parents think it is the education system’s job to teach their children manners, respecting elders, using knives and forks, how to speak to other children, and even force school teachers to educate a child on how to use a toilet.

That wasn’t the job they signed up for, it was the 3R’s, it was the wonder of maths, English, geography, history, or sport, it wasn’t to wipe an eight-year-old’s backside, because their parents were too busy capturing their infants smothered in toxic make-up, just for Facebooking, Instagramming, or TikToking fame purposes.

Take a look at Ukraine, and how valiantly they have defended their home.

Switch that around to the UK? What a joke.

But, the joke is going to get funnier, because, our lazy society couldn’t care less, as long as they have social media, 24 hour gameathons and food on ‘orderoo’ apps, taps, they wouldn’t even notice, let alone care if Vlad attacked the UK.

We have become a society too reliant on t’internet for everything.

Ashley Smith


Beware of Labour Party

In response to John Smithee (‘Biggest party with support best outcome for socialists’) as far as I can see working class voters support Queen and Country, the Armed Forces, the nuclear deterrent, freedom of speech, punishments that fit the crime and police with real powers.

The Labour Party appears somewhat equivocal on all these issues with voices within it even hostile to them (one Mirror journalist Labour supporter Kevin Maguire said he wanted the Queen to be Queen Elizabeth the Last Monarch) and I think this will stop them from becoming the largest party at the next election.

The Labour Party seem to support social policies that change vocabulary such that the term women is replaced by the term birthing bodies: that allow male bodied people into women’s safe spaces; that cultivate a climate of fear of publicly speaking against those policies; that uses terms like White Privilege (by privilege they mean that white people in a predominantly white country do not encounter racism) - oh that refuses to permit any positive mention of our colonial past.

But let’s assume at some point we get Proportional Representation but it won’t be a Workers Party espousing socialism that will win but it will be a Right of Centre working class government because Right Wing politicians make clear their support for Queen and Country, armed forces etc.

The other Achilles heel for the Left is education. I am reading about left wing activist teachers promoting Critical Race Theory and Gender Identity politics (both theories and belief systems not fact) telling white children they are oppressors and telling black children they are victims; and teaching that gender is fluid- a sexual pick and mix depending on your inner feelings.

I would advise parents to check what their kids’ teachers are teaching and teachers to check what some of their colleagues are teaching.

In America activist teachers are telling kids not to tell their parents about the contents of these lessons. If it’s happening there it will be happening here too.

David Silver


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