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Excitement is rising in the build-up to this weekend's stock car racing at King's Lynn

Racing will be back with a bang this weekend as local drivers return to the track.

After the exhilarating events of two weeks ago, participants and their fans were afforded a weekend off to recharge their batteries - and cars.

Fresh after a rest period, stock racing will return to King’s Lynn on Saturday with the 2L Banger World Final being hosted.

stock cars 19/07/21 (49358023)
stock cars 19/07/21 (49358023)

The 2L Saloon Stock Car and Junior Banger events will also take place.

Fans from across Wisbech will be in attendance to cheer on the area’s favourite drivers.

Three local stars have qualified for the 2L Banger World Final.

These include the ever-impressive James Licquorice and Kieran Bowman, both of whom will be looking to add to their entertainer points totals in the main race of the day.

On top of that, the two racers have shown plenty of potential and pace this season - which could stand them in good stead to have a crack at the showcase title.

Jack Maryon will also be taking part in the race; he has enjoyed lots of success in 2L Banger events in the past and will be looking to keep up that trend this weekend.

A range of drivers will be battling to join the stars in the final race by performing well in their last-chance events.

The likes of Max Stott, Kieran Gray, Brad Bowman and Ryan Sutcliffe are preparing from some of their biggest races of the year so far.

Elsewhere, Tommy and Sam Parrin will be flying the flag for Wisbech in the 2L Saloon event.

Junior drivers will also harbour hopes of keeping up their impressive streaks of form.

Levi Murkin, Jade Ellis, Manson Arnold, Kiera Downey and the brother and sister pairing of Rhys and Katelyn Parrin will be tearing around the track come 5pm on Saturday.

Stock car fans will be delighted to hear that, for the first time in over a year, they will be able to purchase tickets on the day of their favourite events.

However, buying tickets in advance at a discounted price is still the cheapest way to acquire them.

If the recent stock car racing is anything to go by, next week will be an immense spectacle for all who tune in.

Ant Kerr ended an unlucky spell of driving well to no avail by winning the 1300 Stock Car White and Yellow Championship, which had been delayed for a full year.

He was in front by the end of the first lap and never relinquished his grip on first place.

He said last week: "This one I was determined to win.

"I went for it from the beginning and it all paid off."

Fellow Wisbech driver Dean Moat finished second in the same race, while Karl Morris crossed the line in fourth.

Kerr followed up his impressive victory with a third-place finish in the meeting final, with only London's Matt Arnold and Canterbury's Jacob Bromley forcing a way past him.

The final was filled to the brim with dramatic incidents - not least one involving Jon Klyn, who's car was sent on a massive roll-over on the home straight.

The crash ironically occurred in the very same spot that Klyn's brother Ross rolled over in during a previous race.

Liquorice warmed up for the coming weekend's racing by snatching a third-place finish in the White and Yellow Championship, drawing warm applause as always.

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