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Fenland nudge past hosts March

Sarah Gauvin
Sarah Gauvin

March AC hosted the fourth race in the Cross Country Frostbite League, and 193 juniors and 455 seniors turned out.

With a challenging course to tackle the juniors completed a 1.5 mile race whilst the seniors had 5.3 miles of extremely muddy conditions. March Juniors were led home by Hugo Bryant in an impressive time of 10 minutes and 6 seconds, finishing 46th overall, with Kirk Bal only a second behind in 47th place. The seniors had 35 runners. Billy Bremner crossed the line in 46th position. Geraldine Larham was 1st lady home.

Times, Juniors: Hugo Bryant 10.06 (46th) Kirk Bal 10.07 (47th), Kai Harding 10.14 (53rd), Alfie McIntrye 10.18 (55th), Luke Gardner 10.23 (59th), Sean Stacey 10.41 (70th), Louis Beningfield 11.10 (87th), Andrew Lee 11.22 (94th), Katlyn Baker 11.40 (110th) Liam Lambert 11.52 (120th), Paul Bryant 12.11 (129th) Sophie Fenner 12.20 (134th), Harry Oakes 14.21 (178th), Andrew Greenleaves 14.35 (181st) Millie Edwards 14.43 (184th)Alex Cartwright 14.45 (186th) Esme McIntyre 14.48 (188th). Seniors: Billy Bremner 33.57 (46th), Mick Stacey 35.11 (64th) Geraldine Larham 36.55 (111th), Debra Wait 37.08 (112th), Mark Salmons 37.53 (128th), Justin Showell 38.05 (134th), Darren Moat 38.13 (139th), Toni Alcaraz 39.02 (157th), Simon Render 39.03 (158th), Tim Boyd 39.06 (161st), Brian Harding 39.51 (176th), Paul Hensby 39.54 (178th), Mark Darlow 40.10 (186th), Phil Beldon 40.20 (189th), Daniel Barber 40.31 (195th) Tony Epps 40.40 (198th), Kevin Barnes 40.54 (207th), Rhys Davies 41.18 (219th), Martin Littlemore 41.28 (225th), Chris Lawrence 41.44 (231st), Brian Goodenough 43.27 (261st), Wayne Kent 44.12 (272nd), Nik Okerika 44.26 (280th), Graeme Robertson 44.53 (291st), Dawn Veal 44.58 (293rd) Wayne Stimson 46.02 (308th), Angela Cumbridge 46.03 (309th), Mark Oakerbee 46.05 (312th), Gaelle Bryant 46.08 (314th), Michelle Seward 46.41 (323rd), Tina Lambert 48.46 (348th), Pat Norris 50.44 (375th) Scott Bywater 51.09 (382nd), Pauline Boyd 52.19 (398th), Fay Scrivener 52.21 (400th).

At the start of the day both Fenland RC and March AC had 21 points, but after Sunday’s race Fenland nudged just one point ahead, 26 to 25.

Crucial to this success was the return to race fitness of Martin Jennings, who led the team home in 35th in an impressive 33-20 over five muddy miles. Rod Sinnott’s solid race was supported by a resurgent Stuart Follen and Tim Chapman.

The ladies also performed well with Mel Trayford showing the way, chased all the way by Jay Gilbert and Sarah Gauvin.

Full FRC results: Martin Jennings 35th 33—20; Rod Sinnott 67th 35—17; Stuart Follen 69th 35—21; Tim Chapman 82nd 35—46; Tony Moore 93rd 36—20; Tom Richards 99th 36—37; Mel Trayford 121st 37—36; John Chapman 160th 39—05; Max Pearson 177th 39—53; Ian Milburn 210th 40—56; Jay Gilbert 217th 41—16; Alan Bird 218th 41—17; Sarah Gauvin 239th 42—08; Marc Martin 252nd 43—12; Ian King 254th 43—16; Paulina Zub 262nd 43—35; Michelle Gilbert 295th 45—14; Paskey Ruggiero 327th 47—15; Larissa Follen 334th 47—44; Jane Greenwood 350th 48—51; Tracy Farr 352nd 49—06; Sam Lyddiatt 365th 49—55; Cheryl Chapman 367th 50—01; Tracey Howard 403rd 52—31; Stephen Brunton 407th 53—09; Stephanie Clark 420th 54—28; Carol Slater—Garner 425th 55—34; Hannah Ryan 430th 57—43; Sandra Rhodes 448th 64—08; Sally King 449th 64—12; Gill Holmes 455th 69—20.

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