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Gold medals might be Chatteris Kingfishers swan song

Chatteris Kingfisher Swimming Group
Chatteris Kingfisher Swimming Group

Some 12 young Chatteris SC members took part in the Jeanne Barker Open Meet in Cambridge last weekend, in what was for several their last appearance as a Kingfishers swimmer.

Between them they got 46 top six placings, of which three were gold medals, eight silver and 12 bronze, as well as nine fourth places, eight fifths and seven sixth places, with a total of 45 personal best times.

Gold medals were won by Freddie Allen (11) in 50m butterfly (fly), Chloe Cook (12) in 100m breaststroke and Megan Donovan (10) in 100m front crawl (f/c).

Silver medals: Reece Simpson (11) in 50m f/c, 100m fly and 100m individual medley (I.M.), Freddie Allen in 100m f/c, Chloe Cook (12) in 200m I.M., and 200m fly, Megan Donovan in 50m backstroke, and Mia Tandon (10) in 50m f/c.

The 11 bronze medals went to: Megan Donovan in 100 and 200m I.M., 200m fly and 100m backstroke, Reece Simpson in 50m, 100m and 200m breaststroke, Chloe Cook in 50m and 100m breaststroke and Freddie Allen in 100m fly and 100m backstroke.

Fourth places: Reece Simpson in 50m fly, Freddie Allen in 50m breaststroke, 50m f/c and 50m backstroke, Riley Astley (13) in 200m backstroke, Megan Donovan in 50 and 200m f/c and 100m fly, Chloe Cook in 100m fly and Kiera Simpson (13) in 200m breaststroke.

Fifth and sixth places resulted for: Harry Rayner (12) in 100m fly and 200m f/c, Riley Astley in 100m fly, Mia Tandon in 50m fly and 200m f/c, Molly Noble (13) in 100m fly, Kiera Simpson in 200m I.M. and 50m breaststroke, as well as Reece Simpson (100 and 200m f/c and 50m backstroke), Freddie Allen (100m I.M.) and Chloe Cook (50m fly and 100m I.M.).

PBs: Keaton Astley (9) in 50m breaststroke (10th), Melissa Ablett (12) in 50 and 100m breaststroke, as well as 200m backstroke (7th) and Megan Dawson (14) in 50m breaststroke (7th) and 100m I.M. (9th); Harry Rayner in 100 and 200m I.M.

This may be the swan song for the club, as at the moment it looks like it might fold over the summer, after 53 years, due to a lack of willing committee members and swimmers leaving for other clubs.

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